Monday, April 22, 2013

Postal Assistant Exam 25 solved Qsns/Ans

1 The present deputy
chairman of Rajya
Sabha is elected
Member of Parliament
from which state of
Kerala (P.J Kurien)
2 The constitution of India
was adopted on
26 November 1949
3 The present strength
of rajya Sabha
members is ___out of
which ____are
representatives of
states and UT of delhi
and pudhucherry and ___
are nominated by
4 4 Which of the following
glands produces insulin
in human body
5 Which of the following is
food poisoning
(A) Clostridium
botulinum (B)
Streptomyces fecalis
(C) Lacto Bacillus (D)
None of these
6 Development of goitre
(Enlarged thyroid gland)
is mainly due to
deficiency of.
7 The emission of which
causes global warming.
carbon dioxide
8 Who was adjudged
player of the
tournament by scoring
most number of runs in
the tournament in
women world cup
cricket held recently?
Suzie Bates
9 Who won the inaugural
hockey India league
ended in Ranchi
Ranchi Rhinos
10 Wanchoo Committee
dealt with
Direct Taxes
11 Kyoto Protocol is
An International
agreement to reduce
the green houses
12 Kyoto Protocol is
Answer: An
agreement to reduce
the green houses
13 India successfully
completed its 101th
space mission by
lauching indo French
satellite SARAL recently
this satellite is for
Oceanographic Study
14 Government of India
has recently granted
"Maharatna" status to
two more Navratna
Public Sector
Enterprises which are
the these new
companies joining the
club of Maharatna
Public Sector
Bharat Heavy
Electrical Ltd & Gas
Authority of India
15 India newly built and
tested missile "Astra"
Meant for
Air to Air Strike
16 The governor general
who adopted a policy of
Europeanization of
bureaucracy and an
exclusion of Indian from
higher posts
17 During which movement
bal Gangadhar tilak was
given the epithet
Lokmanya and Gandhiji
give the slogan "Swaraj
in a year" respectively
Home Rule
Movement and non
18 Recently dargah
muinudin chisti at
Ajmer was in news due
to visit of Pakistani
prime minister dargah
Muinuddin chisti at
Ajmer was built by
Alauddin Khilji
19 Bauxite is an ore of
20 Which is one of the
following is the land
area I the extreme
south of India.
Cape Comorin near
21 The ozone layer lies in
22.In union budget
2013-2014 "Voluntary
scheme" was launched
by government of India.
This scheming is related
Service tax
23 Economic survey
2012-2013 states that
nonperforming assets
of increased from
2.36% to 3.57% in
September 2012. The
description of
nonperforming assets
was with reference to
which sector.
Banking sector
24 This is the rate at which
reserve bank of India
borrows money from
commercial banks
Reverse Repo rate
25 As per election
commission of India,
how many recognized
national political parties
are there in India.