Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Physics 30 MCQs:

1.Inventor of Cell
A. Robert Cook
B. Darvin
C. Einstein
D. Robert Hook
Ans: D
2. Brass gets
discoloured in air
because of the
presence of which
of the following
gases in air?
A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen sulphide
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Nitrogen
Answer: B
3. Which of the
following metals
forms an amalgam
with other
A. Tin
B. Mercury
C. Lead
D. Zinc
Answer: B
Tips: Amalgam is a
substance formed
by the reaction of
mercury with
another metal.
Almost all metals can
form amalgams with
mercury, notable
exceptions being iron
and platinum.
4. Which of the
following is a non
metal that
remains liquid at
A. Phosphorous
B. Bromine
C. Chlorine
D. Helium
Answer: B
5. Chlorophyll is a
naturally occurring
chelate compound
in which central
metal is
A. Copper
B. Magnesium
C. Iron
D. Calcium
Answer: B
Tips: Chlorophyll is a
chlorin pigment,
which is structurally
similar to and
produced through
the same metabolic
pathway as other
porphyrin pigments
such as heme. At the
center of the chlorin
ring is a magnesium
6. Which of the
following is used in
A. Graphite
B. Silicon
C. Charcoal
D. Phosphorous
Answer: Option A
7. The gas usually
filled in the electric
bulb is
A. Nitrogen
B. Hydrogen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Oxygen
Answer: A
8. Washing soda is
the common name
A.Sodium carbonate
B. Calcium
C. Sodium
D. Calcium carbonate
Answer: A
9. Which of the gas
is not known as
green house gas?
A. Methane
B. Nitrous oxide
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Hydrogen
Answer: D
10. Color and state
of Bromine is a
A. black solid
B. red liquid
C. colourless gas
D. highly inflammable
11. The hardest
available on earth
A. Gold
B. Iron
C. Diamond
D. Platinum
Answer: C
12. The inert gas
which is
substituted for
nitrogen in the air
used by deep sea
divers for
breathing, is
A. Argon
B. Xenon
C. Helium
D. Krypton
Answer: C
13. During the
process of Rusting
of Nail, iron oxide
is formed
A. without any
change in the weight
of the nail
B. with decrease in
the weight of the nail
C. with increase in
the weight of the nail
D. without any
change in colour or
weight of the nail
Ans: C
14. Galvanised iron
sheets have a
coating of
A. lead
B. chromium
C. zinc
D. tin
Ans: C
15. Heavy water is
A. Deuterium oxide
B. PH7
C. rain water
D. tritium oxide
Answer: A
16. Which gas is
included in LPG
Cylinder to detect
A. ethyl mercaptan
B. Methly Carbonate
c. Methan
D. Hydrogen Oxide
Ans: A
Tips: LPG by default is
Odorless gas, ethyl
mercaptan which
produce high smell is
included in small
quantity to detect
17. The element
common to all
acids is
A. hydrogen
B. carbon
C. sulphur
D. oxygen
Answer: A
18. Non stick
cooking utensils
are coated with
A. Teflon
C. black paint
D. polystyrene
Answer: A
19. Permanent
hardness of water
may be removed
by the addition of
A. sodium carbonate
B. alum
C. potassium
D. lime
Answer: A
20. The most
important ore of
aluminium is
A. galena
B. calamine
C. calcite
D. bauxite
Answer: D
21. Which of the
following is in
liquid form at
A. Lithium
B. Sodium
C. Francium
D. Cerium
Answer: C
22. Sodium metal
is kept under
A. petrol
B. alcohol
C. water
D. kerosene
Answer: D
23. What is
laughing gas?
A. Nitrous Oxide
B. Carbon monoxide
C. Sulphur dioxide
D. Hydrogen peroxide
Answer: A
24. The filament of
an electric bulb is
made of
A. tungsten
B. nichrome
C. graphite
D. iron
Answer: A
25. Marsh gas is
A. nitrogen
B. ethane
C. methane
D. hydrogen
Answer: C
26. LPG consists of
A. methane, ethane
and hexane
B. ethane, hexane
and nonane
C. methane, hexane
and nonane
D. methane, butane
and propane
ns (CFC) gas is
used in which of
the following
A. Television
B. Refrigerator
C. Tube light
D. Cooking gas
Answer: B
28.Amalgams are
A. highly coloured
B. alloys which
contain mercury as
one of the contents
C. alloys which have
great resistance to
D. alloys which
contain carbon
Answer: B
29. Which of the
following metals
remain in liquid for
under normal
A. Radium
B. Zinc
C. Uranium
D. Mercury
30. What is the
unit for measuring
the amplitude of a
A. Decibel
B. Coulomb
C. Hum
D. Cycles