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Sunday, November 17, 2013

McQs on India and World

Q. India signed a deal on
the sharing of Teesta
and Feni river waters.
This agreement is
signed with which of the
following countries?
1) Bhutan
2) Bangladesh
3) Nepal china
4) Pakistan
Answer- 2) Bangladesh
Q. Who amongst the
following was awarded
Padma Vibhushan?
1) Kumar Mangalam Birla
2) Nirupama Rao
3) Montek Singh
4) Saina Nehwal
Answer- 3) Montek Singh
Q. Government's "Food-
for-work" programme
means -
1) Supplying balanced
diet to workers in rural
2) no-work-no-pay
3) ensuring enough food
to rural worker-
4) None of these
Answer- 1) Supplying
balanced diet to
workers in rural areas
Q. Which one of the
following countries is
Number One Country in
terms of Purchasing
1) South Korea
2) USA
3) Germany
4) China
Answer- 2) USA
Q. With which one of the
following countries, India
has signed agreement
to build Multi model
Transit Transport
1) Myanmar
2) Sri Lanka
3) Nepal
4) Maldives
Answer- 1) Myanmar
Q. Who is Hardeep Puri?
1) India's ambassador in
2) India's permanent
representative at UN
3) Vice President, World
4) India's ambassador in
Answer- 2) India's
representative at UN
Q. Who is Liu Xiaobo?
1) Chinese citizen, who
has been awarded Nobel
Peace prize
2) North Korean
dissident, who has been
awarded Nobel
Literature Prize
3) Sportsman who was
awarded maximum 8
Gold medals in
4) None of these
Answer- 1) Chinese
citizen, who has been
awarded Nobel Peace
Q. The most appropriate
measure of a country's
economic growth is
1) Gross domestic
2) Per capita real
3) Net national product
4) Net domestic
Answer- 1) Gross
domestic product
Q. Five-year Plans in
India are finally
approved by
which of the following
1) Planning Commission
2) Finance Minister
3) Union Cabinet
4) National Development
Answer- 4) National
Development Council
Q. Which of the following
is the main function of
1) Finance investment
loans to developing
2) Help to solve balance
of payment problems
member countries
3) Arrange international
deposits from banks
4) None of these
Answer- 2) Help to solve
balance of payment
problems of member
Q. The famous name
Vikram Pandit is
associated with which
of the following
1) ICICI Bank
2) Citigroup
3) Vodafone
4) PepsiCo.
Answer- 2) Citigroup
Q. Which of the following
carries out Open Market
1) Indian Bank
2) Reserve Bank of India
3) Planning Commission
4) Stock Exchanges in
Answer- 2) Reserve
Bank of India
Q. Many a times we read
a term 'PPP' in financial
dailies/magazines. What
is the full form of the
same as used in
financial world?
1) Popular Public
2) Purchasing Power
3) Per capita Potential
4) Present Purchasing
Answer- 2) Purchasing
Power Parity
Q. Repo rate is decided
by which of the
following organisations?
1) All Banks
2) RBI
3) IMF
Answer- 2) RBI
Q. Which of the following
nations is considered
the originator of the
concept of Micro
1) Brazil
2) Bangladesh
3) India
4) South Africa
Answer- 2) Bangladesh
Q.'Eiffel Tower' is in
1) Melbourne
2) London
3) Paris
4) Johannesburg
Answer- 3) Paris
Q. The dispute over
Siachin Glacier Belt is
1) India and Pakistan
2) India and China
3) India and Nepal
4) China and Nepal
Answer- 1) India and
Q. Golden Revolution
refers to -
1) Viticulture
2) Apiculture
3) Horticulture
4) Sericulture
Answer- 3) Horticulture
Q. Who said that "Oh!
democracy! I
love you!"?
1) Carpenter
2) G.B.Shaw
3) Appa Dorai
4) Lord Bryce
Answer- 2) G.B.Shaw
Q. The first air-
conditioned double
decker train in India has
been started between -
1) Howarah and Delhi
2) Howarah and Dhanbad
3) Dhanbad And
4) Howarah and Patna
Answer- 2) Howarah and
Q.'Apna Khet, Apna
Kaam' is a new scheme
under MNREGA has been
initiated in the state -
1) Gujarat
2) Madhya Pradesh
3) Punjab
4) Rajasthan
Answer- 4) Rajasthan
Q. 'World Economic
Outlook' report is
1) RBI
3) World Bank
4) IMF
Answer- 4) IMF
Q. NASA is related with
1) Russia
2) Japan
3) USA
4) UK
Answer- 3) USA
Q. The headquarters of
International Labour
Organisation (ILO) are at
1) The Hague
2) New York
3) Paris
4) Geneva
Answer- 4) Geneva
Q. The UN General
Assembly meets
1) Once a year
2) Twice a year
3) After every three
4) Once a month
Answer- 1) Once a year
Q. The International
Criminal Police
Organisation (INTERPOL)
has its headquarters at
1) London
2) Bonn
3) Montreal
4) Lyons
Answer- 4) Lyons
Q. All the following are
permanent members of
Security Council EXCEPT
1) Germany
2) USA
3) China
4) France
Answer- 1) Germany
Q. The headquarters of
European Space
Organisation are at
1) Hague
2) Paris
3) Vienna
4) Geneva
Answer- 2) Paris
Q. Primary Sector in
India is
1) Manufacturing
2) Agriculture
3) Foreign Trade
4) Transport
Answer- 2) Agriculture
Q. One carat of diamond
is equal to
1) 100 mg
2) 250 mg
3) 200 mg
4) 150 mg
Answer- 3) 200 mg
Q. Which country is
following One Party
1) Mongolia
2) China
3) Chili
4) Spain
Answer- 2) China
Q. Which one of the
following cities is
hosting G-20
finance ministerial
meeting 2013?
1] New York
2] London
3] Moscow
4] Beijing
Answer- 3] Moscow
Q. Election Commission
has decided to facilitate
allotment of a common
symbol to the
un-recognised parties
that contest a general
election from a
minimum of ___seats in
state Loka
Sabha. Fill the blank with
correct option..
1) 10%
2) 12%
3) 16%
4) 15%
Answer- 1) 10%