Wednesday, March 26, 2014


1. What
of Charles Dickens last
book which was left
2. Who are Currer, Ellis
and Acton Bell better
known as?
3. What is the second
book of the old
testament called?
4. What was the name
of Prince Charles book,
the one he read on
5. What was Dick
Francis?s profession
before he took up
6. What is the
connection between
Rupert Brooke and
Jeffrey Archer?
7. Who chronicled the
adventures of a
famous fivesome?
8. Who created the
Mary Poppins books?
9. What was the name
of the family who
Paddington bear lived
10. Where does
Postman Pat live?
11. Which travel writer
comes from De Moines,
12. Which author of
such novels as The
Scarlatti Inheritance
and The Holcroft
Covenant died in March,
13. Joanne Harris wrote
which book, now made
into a hit film starring
Johnny Depp and
Juliette Binoche?
14. Which author had
the middle names
Ronald Reuel?
15. According to his
best-selling book, how
long did author Peter
Mayle spend in
16. Who created the
following fictional
characters; Death, his
manservant Alberto
Malich, and the witches
Granny Weatherwax,
Nanny Ogg and Magrat?
17. In the Harry Potter
books, what is the
name of the
18. Who wrote the
novels Bear Island and
Puppet on a Chain?
19. Which famous
writer said, 'A woman is
only a woman, but a
good cigar is a smoke'?
20. Which Nobel Prize
winning author wrote
the book 'Dr Zhivago',
which was first
published in the US in
1. The Mystery Of Edwin
2. Charlotte, Emily and
Anne Bronte
3. Exodus
4. The Old Man of
5. He was a Jockey
6. Archer lives in the
house in Granchester
immortalised in a poem
by Brooke
7. Enid Blyton
8. P.L. Travers
9. The Browns
10. Greendale
11. Bill Bryson
12. Robert Ludlum
13. Chocolat
14. J.R.R. Tolkien
15. A Year ('A Year In
16. Terry Pratchitt
17. Dumbledore
18. Alistair Maclean
19. Rudyard Kipling
20. Boris Pasternak