Monday, October 20, 2014

B.Ed keys (KSOU)

B.Ed Entrance Exam
(19-10-14) Key Ans

Teaching Aptitude Test

*When his students emulate him as a role model

*it provides an opportunity to learn continuously

*develop the habit of self study

*talk to the student in private.....

*being friendly with each student

*find out the problems of the student

*attention level of the stdnts

*providing infrastructure facilities to the school

*giving physical punishments...,.

*following the code of ethics.....

*getting feedback from each student

*share their pleasures & sorrows

*excuse him with....

*what the day's teaching ought to be

*student learning

*allow students to discuss

*all the above

*keeping students relaxed while teaching

*if follows innovative practices in class

*it will set as an example

*self prestige

*policies related to teachers

*provide proper reinforcement

*you will assess his reasons to do the same

These are not final answrs)