Sunday, September 20, 2015

Election Commission releases NOTA symbol for all

The Election Commission (EC) has
introduced a symbol for "None of the
Above (NOTA)" option to facilitate
voters in exercising their NOTA option in
elections. The symbol will now appear
in the last panel on all EVMs and the
other ballot papers against the NOTA
option in all the upcoming elections. The
NOTA option was made available to the
voters with effect from 11 October,
2013, pursuant to the Supreme Court
order of 27 September, 2013. The
symbol for NOTA option was designed
by the National Institute of Design,
Election Commission of India
The Election Commission of India is
an autonomous, established federal
authority responsible for
administering all the electoral
processes in the Republic of India.
Until 1989, the commission was a
single member body, but later two
additional Election Commissioners
were added.
Nasim Zaidi is the current Chief
Election Commissioner and other
two Election Commissioners are
Achal Kumar Jyoti and Om Prakash
The Chief Election Commissioner
can be removed from office only
through impeachment by Parliament
in a manner similar to that of a judge
of the Supreme Court.
The Election Commissioners can be
removed by the President on
recommendation of the Chief
Election Commissioner.