Thursday, October 8, 2015

AR Rahman announced Seychelles cultural ambassador-:

Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman
has been named the Cultural
Ambassador for Seychelles. The music
maestro has sent out his love and
regard to the people and government of
the foreign nation. A two-time Oscar
winning composer, Rahman shared an
image of the certificate, on the micro-
blogging site. The certificate reads: "The
Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and
Culture proudly names A.R. Rahman
Cultural Ambassador for Seychelles in
appreciation for the invaluable services
contributed to enhance Seychelles's Art
and Cultural development."
Seychelles – Tidbits
The Republic of Seychelles is an
archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
The capital is Victoria.
It has the smallest population of any
independent African state.
Independence was granted in 1976
as a republic within the
In 1986, an attempted coup led by
the Seychelles Minister of Defense,
Ogilvy Berlouis, caused President
René to request assistance from
In Operation Flowers are Blooming,
the Indian naval vessel INS
Vindhyagiri arrived in Port Victoria to
help avert the coup.
James Michel is the current
President of Seychelles.
Test Your GK
Name the movie for which AR Rahman
won the Academy Award in 2009 (Best
Original Music Score Category)?

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Answer – Slumdog Millionaire
Who is the Director of the movie?

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Answer – Danny Boyle