Thursday, February 23, 2012

Airtel has started the
countdown to the
nationwide launch of its
mobile wallet solution.
Airtel Money, launched
in January 2011 as a
pilot in Chennai and
Delhi/ NCR, has opened
its doors to Airtel
customers all across
India, ahead of the
official launch of the
service tomorrow.
Registration for the
Express account is
free and enables the
user to make utility
payments and
purchase rail/ flight
tickets on various
portals online. An
Express account
comes with a daily limit
as well as maximum
account balance of Rs.
A customer can
upgrade to a Power
account by paying Rs.
50 as a processing fee
and filling the
necessary paperwork
at the nearest
authorized Airtel money
outlet or Airtel
relationship centre.
Power accounts get
enhanced privileges like
ability to pay for movie
tickets, shopping and
other extras like
insurance premium,
subscriptions &
donations. Power
accounts can also
transfer money to
other Airtel Money
customers as well any
bank account via NEFT
Power accounts come
with an enhanced daily
limit and maximum
account balance of Rs.
50,000. Both account
types have a single
transaction limit of Rs.
5000, unless you are
using a special Airtel SIM
(available right now only
in Delhi and Chennai), in
which case no
transaction limit
There are no minimum
balance requirements.
Minimum amount you
can spend is Rs. 5 while
minimum amount you
can transfer to a bank
account or Airtel Money
customer is Rs. 10.