Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reasoning/Analytical Exam keys postal asst exam 2013

DIRECTIONS (Question no
76 to 79) Read the
following passage
carefully and answer
the questions given
A group of seven
friends Anil, Vinod,
Sumit, Dilip, Indra, Firoz
and Gaurav work as
Engineer, Accountant, IT
Officer, Technician,
Clerk, Physiotherapist
and Research Analyst
for companies L, M, N,
P, Q, R and S but not
necessarily in the same
order. Sumit works for
company N and is
neither a Research
Analyst nor a clerk.
Indra is an IT officer and
works for company R.
Anil work as
Physiotherapist and
does not work for
company L or Q. The
one who is an
Accountant works for
company M. The one
who works for
company L works as a
technician. Firoz works
for company Q. Gaurav
works for company P
as Research Analyst.
Dilip is not an
01. Who amongst the
following works as
(A) Firoz
(B) Anil
(C) Vinod
(D) Dilip
Ans. (C) Vinod
02. What is the
profession of Sumit?
(A) Engineer
(B) Clerk
(C) Technician
(D) None of these
Ans. (A) Engineer
03. For which company
does Dilip work?
(A) L
(B) R
(C) Q
(D) N
Ans. (A) L
04. Which of the
following combinations
of person, profession
and company is
(A) Vinod - Accountant -
(B) Firoz - Clerk - Q
(C) Anil - Physiotherapist
- M
(D) None of these
Ans. (B) Firoz - Clerk -
05. There are five books
A, B, C, D and E. C is
above D. E is below A. D
is above A; and B is
below E. Which is the
bottom most book?
(A) C
(B) E
(C) B
(D) D
Ans. (C) B
06. The second and the
third digits of the
following numbers are
interchanged and each
interchanged number is
written in reverse
order. Now, if they are
arranged in the
ascending order, which
of the original numbers
will be fourth in that
592, 987, 176, 468, 719,
(A) 987
(B) 176
(C) 468
(D) 719
Ans. (A) 987
07. Rajesh walked 3 km
towards East. Then he
turned to his left and
walked 6 km. He again
turned to his right and
walked 3 km. After that
he turned to his right
and walked 9 km. At last
he turned to his right
and walked 6 km. At
what distance is he
from the starting point
and in which direction?
(A) 3 km South
(B) 1 km North
(C) 2 km South
(D) 3 km North
Ans. (A) 3 km South
08. In the following
number series only one
number is wrong. Find
out the wrong number.
1, 4, 27, 256, 3125,
(A) 27
(B) 256
(C) 3125
(D) 46669
Ans. (D) 46669
No. 84 & 85) Study the
following information
carefully and answer
the questions given
Five persons are
travelling in a train - A,
B, C, D and E. A is the
mother of C who is the
wife of E. D is the
brother of A and B is
the husband A.
09. How is B related to
(A) Brother in law
(B) Mother in law
(C) Father
(D) Father in law
Ans. (D) Father in law
10. How is A related to
(A) Mother in law
(B) Mother
(C) Sister
(D) Niece
Ans. (A) Mother in
11. If A = 26, SUN = 27
then CAT = ?
(A) 58
(B) 57
(C) 24
(D) None of these
Ans. (B) 57
12. If A = 1, FAT = 27
then FAINT = ?
(A) 50
(B) 42
(C) 44
(D) None of these
Ans. (A) 50
13. There are some girls
and buffalos at a place.
If total number of
heads is 15 and total
number of legs is 46,
then how many girls
and how many buffalos
are there?
(A) 7 girls and 8 buffalos
(B) 9 girls and 6 buffalos
(C) 8 girls and 7 buffalos
(D) 6 girls and 9 buffalos
Ans. (A) 7 girls and 8
14. In the following
Question pick the
choice that establishes
the logical relationship:
(A) FG
(B) EC
(C) DG
(D) GD
Ans. (C) DG
15. 8 boys sat in a row.
Raju is immediate right
of Rakesh and
immediate left of
Shekhar. Shyam is
sitting after 3 boys on
the right of Shekhar.
How many boys were
there between Raju and
(A) 5
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) None of these
Ans. (B) 4
16. Given two positions
of the dice as being.
When 2 is at the bottom
which number is at the
(A) 1
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6
Ans. (B) 4
17. In a class
examination the
average marks in
mathematics by Girls
was 80% and by Boys
60%. It is logical to
(A) All boys are weaker
at maths than girls
(B) Some girls are
better than boys in
(C) All girls are more
intelligent than boys
(D) None of these
Ans. (B) Some girls
are better than boys
in maths
18. Pick the odd one out.
(A) Leopard
(B) Lion
(C) Tiger
(D) Wolf
Ans. (D) Wolf
19. In a certain code
language 'PROPORTION' is
written as 'PORPRONOIT'.
written in that code
20. If 'A B' means 'A is
the father of B', 'A @ B'
means 'A is the mother
of B', 'A ! B' means 'A is
the wife of B', then
which of the following
means 'T is the
grandmother of U'?
(A) T@R! S!U
(B) T@S U!y
(C) T@R y!U
(D) None of these
Ans(B)T@S U!y
21. Five students
participated in an
examination and each
scored different
marks. Naina scored
higher than Meena.
Kamla scored lower
than praveen but higher
than Naina. Anuj's score
was between Meena
and Naina. Which of the
following pairs
represents the highest
and lowest scores
(A) Praveen Anuj
(B) Naina Praveen
(C) Praveen Naina
(D) Praveen Meena
Ans. (D) Praveen
22. A set of figures
carrying certain
numbers is given.
Assuming that the
numbers in each figure
follow a similar pattern,
the missing number (?)
(A) 49
(B) 53
(C) 81
(D) 62
Ans. (B) 53
23. How many triangles
does the following
figure contain?
(A) 9
(B) 13
(C) 11
(D) None of these
Ans. (B) 13
DIRECTIONS (Question No.
99 & 100) Seven players
were available to be
sent to Sydney
Olympics for taking
part in events
Government approved
sending only four Ram,
Shyam, Kumar, Sita,
Geeta, Rita & Anita are
the possibles. Two
males and two females
were to go Due to likes
& dislikes, Shyam
cannot go if Sita goes,
Kumar cannot go if
Anita goes, Sita cannot
go if Rita goes.
24. If Rita is selected
and Shyam is rejected,
the team will consist of:
(A) Ram, Kumar, Geeta,
(B) Ram, Kumar, Anita,
(C) Ram, Kumar, Sita,
(D) Ram, Geeta, Anita,
Ans. (A) Ram, Kumar,
Geeta, Rita
25. If Sita goes, which
other players are also
on the team:
(A) Ram, Kumar, Geeta
(B) Ram, Kumar, Rita
(C) Ram, Shyam, Rita
(D) Ram, Kumar, Anita
Ans. (A) Ram, Kumar,
*We don't claim
about the accuracy
of the answers.
Comment if there is
discrepancy in
answers to any