Sunday, October 13, 2013

25 GK Qsns with Answers:

1. The speed of rotation
of the earth is the
(a) Along the equator (b)
along the topic of
cancer(c)along the
arctic circle(d)at the
north pole.
Answer is = D
2. Flash Point term is
related with the
(a) study of water(b)
Study of Rocks (c)
Study of Climate (d)
study of Dew drops
Answer is = C
3. About 50%of the
world population is
concentrated between
the latitudes of____?
(a)5 N and 20 N (b)20 N
and 40 N (c)40 N and 60
N (d)20 S and 40 S.
Answer is = D
4. The time at any point
on the earth's surface
calculated when the
sun reaches its highest
position in the Sky is
known as___?
(a)local time (b)sidereal
time (c)solar time (d)
standard time.
Answer is = A
5. what will be the time
at a place situated at
70 W when it is 4 p.m. at
a place situated at 35
(a)5 p. m (b)8 p.m. (c)11
a.m.(d)9 a.m.
Answer is = D
6. When the local time is
12.00 noon and the time
at Greenland Meridian is
8.00 a.m. The local
longitude is _____?
(a)60 east (b)60 west (c)
45 west (d)45 east.
Answer is = A
7. How many countries
are land locked
countries in the world __
(a) 34 (b) 36 (c) 40 (d) 44.
Answer is = D
8. In the troposphere
the normal lapse rate
i.e., the decrease in
temperature with
height is of the order
of ______?
(a)1 C for 155 meters
(b)1 C for 160 meters
(c)1 C for 165 meters
(d)1 C for 170 meters.
Answer is = C
9. A land locked country
in Africa is___________?
(a)Zambia (b)Tanzania
(c)Nigeria (d)Somalia.
Answer is = A
10. In which one of the
following positions does
the earth revolve at a
faster rate around the
(a) Summer solstice (b)
winter solicits (c)
autumnal equinox (d)
vernal equinox.
Answer is = D
11. If a magnetic needle
is freely suspended at
the geographic north
(A)the needle will remain
vertical with its N-pole
downward(B)the needle
will remain almost
vertical with its N-pole
downward(C)the needle
will remain vertical with
its S-pole downward(d)
the needle will remain
almost vertical with its
S –pole downward.
Answer is = D
12.South pole is located
in the continent of ____?
(a)Africa (b)Australia (c)
Asia (d)Antarctica
Answer is = D
13. Which mountain
system lies between
the black sea and
Caspian sea____?
(A)Appalachians (B)
Caucasus (C) Pyrenees
(d) atlas.
Answer is = B
14. The atmosphere
pressure at any place
is measured by___?
(a) Altimeter (b)
pressure meter (C)
Pyrenees (D)
Answer is = C
15.Which of these cities
once served as the
capital of Japan____?
(A) Kobe (B) Kyoto (C)
Okinawa (D) sendia.
Answer is = B
16. Which peninsula lies
between the black sea
and sea of Azov ____?
(A)Crimean (B) Iberian (C)
Kamchatka (D) Yucatan
Answer is = A
17. On the bank of
which river is the city
of London located_____?
(a)Seven (B) Thames (c)
Avon (D) number.
Answer is =B
18. Which among the
following trees is
considered the tallest
in the word?
(A) Cedar (B) redwood (C)
eucalyptus (D)date
Answer is = B
19. Which country was
earlier known as siam__
(A) Indonesia (B) Somalia
(C)Thailand (D)Myanmar
Answer is = C
20. which is the largest
country in the Arabian
peninsula ____?
(A)Oman (B)Yemen (c)
Saudi Arabia (D) Kuwait.
Answer is = C
21. which river forms
the grand canyon in the
united states____?
(A)Mississippi (B)Hudson
(C)Colorado Columbia .
Answer is =
22. which of these cloud
forms in found at the
highest altitudes____?
(A)Billow (B) Nacreous (C)
Noctilucent (D) Pile us.
Answer is = C
23. Thickness of
atmosphere around the
earth is _____?
(A) 100 km (B) 130 km
(C) 145 km (D) 195 km.
Answer is = C
24. Atmosphere around
the earth maintains its
(A) Temperature (B)
pressure (C) density (D)
Answer is =A
25. The layers of
atmosphere are divided
in to____?
(A) Two parts (B) 3
parts (C) 4 parts (D) 5
Answer is = C