Sunday, April 3, 2011

e records which
were made during the
matches played in this
world cup.
1. Sachin
become the
Second Player in
the History of
Cricket to
participate in 6
Cricket World Cup
after Javed
2. Virender
his career best
score of 175
runs. He got
injured in the
middle of the
match otherwise
everyone was
guessing about
the another
innings against
the world record
of 200 runs by
Sachin Tendulkar.
3. Virender
becomes the
first Indian
Batsman to
score a century
bangladesh in
World Cup
4. Sachin Tendulkar
Become the First
Batsman to
Score Maximum
Centuries in
World Cup by
Scoring the fifth
Century in the
India England
World Cup Match
on 27th Feb 2011.
5. Sachin Tendulkar
Made his 47th ODI
Century in the
same match
against England.
6. Andrew
becomes the
first English
Caption to score
the highest run
against India in
Cricket world cup
7. A new world cup
record made and
that is highest
aggregate in
world cup i.e. 676
for 18 wickets
( India Vs England)
, previous was
671/16 between
Australia & South
africa on March
24, 2007.
8. World record
by Ireland:
Ireland become
the first team in
history of
Cricket world cup
to chase the
highest score of
327 runs. Its a
new record by
Ireland Team.
( after defeating
England by 3
wickets on 2/
9. New ICC Record
by K O 'Brien:K
O'Brien made the
Fastest Century
in the history of
Cricket World Cup
in just 50 balls,
played verses
England on March
2, 2011.
10. Bangladesh
becomes the
first team to
score lowest
total (58 runs,
March 4, 2011)
against west
Indies in any
world cup.
11. New ICC World
Cup Record by
Yuvraj Singh
(India) March 6,
2011 : Yuvi
becomes the
first Left Arm
spinner to take 5
wickets in any
World Cup
12. Second Record
by Yuvraj
March 6, 2011
in the same
day: Yuvraj
singh became
the first player
to take 5 wickets
and 50 runs in
same inning in
the history of
13. First time two
Asian teams are
in final of ICC
Cricket World Cup
i.e. India and Sri
14. India have played
5 matches with
Pakistan in all
cricket world cup
Tournament and
every time India
have won the
match and in
every match
Tendulkar was
part of it.
If I missed