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SSC FCI Exam 2012 – Solved GK Paper
SSC Food Corporation of India (FCI)
Recruitment Exam 2012
Assistant Grade – III Posts (General/
Accounts/ Technical/ Depot)
Solved GK Paper held on 11th
November 2012
1. Firms under perfectly competitive
markets generally are
a) Price makers
b) Price givers
c) Price takers
d) Price fixers
2. Select the odd one in the following:
a) Petroleum
b) Coal
c) Fuel wood
d) Electricity
Fuel wood is not a core industry.
3. National Income is
a) Net National Product – Indirect
Taxes + Subsidies
b) Gross National Product – Direct
c) Gross Domestic Product – Imports
d) Net Domestic Product + Products
4. Which statement is true?
a) Money is a good servant
b) Money is a good servant but bad a
bad master
c) Money is a good master but a bad
d) Money is a good master and a good
5. India has adopted ______________ as
its economic system to bring about a
pattern of society.
a) Socialism
b) Mixed economy
c) Capitalism
d) Political economy
6. Local government are the basis of
a) Aristocracy
b) Secularism
c) Democracy
d) Reservation
7. The final interpreter of the Indian
Constitution is
a) Central Cabinet
b) President
c) High Court
d) Supreme Court
8. One of the following laws favours
women's interests:
a) Equal Remuneration Act
b) Protection of Civil Rights Act
c) Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act
d) None of the above
Either the statement of this question is
incomplete (means missing 'does not')
or may
be i read / interpret its meaning
wrongly. Both a & c options are correct
in favour of
women's interest except option b.
Adding the word 'Sex' to Civil Right Act
ensured that
women would have a remedy to fight
employment discrimination just as
would be able to fight racial
discrimination. But some women's
groups had opposed
including sex discrimination in the
9. One of the following was once an
associate State of the Union of India
and later
became a full fledged State:
a) Jharkhand
b) Chhattisgarh
c) Arunanchal Pradesh
d) Sikkim
Sikkim was a Princely State before
India got freedom. It lies in the heart of
Himalayas. After India won
independence, the Government of
India took Sikkim into
the union as an associate member in
1974 by the operation of the
(35th Amendment) Act, 1974.
Subsequently, Sikkim emerged as 22nd
State of the
Union of India with effect from 26 April
1975. This has reference to the
(36th Amendment) Act, 1975 which
authorized the admission of Sikkim
into the Union
of India.
10. President of India can be
impeached by
a) Specially constituted Tribunal
b) Supreme Court
c) Central Cabinet
d) Parliament
11. Who among the following was the
leader of Cabinet Mission?
a) Stafford Cripps
b) Linlithgow
c) A.V. Alexander
d) Sir Pethick Lawrence
12. In which one of the following
battles did Nadir Shah defeat the
Mughal Emperor
Mohammad Shah?
a) Delhi
b) Karnal
c) Panipat
d) Kanpur
13. Mahabashya was written by
a) Gargi
b) Manu
c) Bana
d) Patanjali
14. The song 'Jana-Gana-Mana'
composed by Rabindra nath Tagore
was first published
in January 1912 under the title of
a) Rashtra Jagrati
b) Tatva Bodhini
c) Bharat Vidhata
d) None of the above
15. Sher Shah died while fighting in
a) Chausa
b) Kalinga
c) Kalinjar
d) None of the above
16. Biosphere reserves are meant to
a) Preserve wild land flora and fauna
b) Experiment and develop forest
c) Experiment and develop agriculture
d) All the above
Biosphere Reserves are sites for
experimenting with and learning about
17. Days and nights are caused
because of
a) shape of Earth's orbit
b) revolution movement
c) rotational movement
d) None of the above
18. Chennai gets less rain than other
places from the South-West monsoons
a) The monsoon runs parallel to
Coromandel coast
b) Chennai is too hot to allow moisture
to condense
c) They are off-shore winds
d) All the above
Chennai receives its rainfall in
November – December from the North-
East monsoon
winds which blow over the Bay of
Bengal and meet with the moist wind
of the retreating
summer monsoon.
19. The climate of India is
a) Equatorial
b) Monsoonal
c) Mediterranean
d) Continental
India's climate is dominated by
monsoons.India has 'Tropical Monsoon'
type of climate.
The word monsoon has been derived
from the Arabic word 'Mausim' which
seasonal reversal of the winds during
the course of the year.
20. Laterite soils are found in
a) heavy rainfall region
b) desert region
c) tropical region
d) tropical region with wet and dry
21. Photosynthesis takes place in
a) Roots of the plants
b) Green parts of the plants
c) Stems of the plants
d) All parts of the plants
22. Universal Blood Donor is
a) A group
b) B group
c) AB group
d) O group
23. Alcoholic fermentation is brought
a) Mushrooms
b) Ameoba
c) Virus
d) Yeast
24. Birds and bats are good fliers. The
bat differs from bird in having
a) Four chambered heart
b) Diaphragm
c) Wings
d) Small brain
25. 'Tube within a tube' type of body
plan is found in
a) Sea anemone
b) Leech
c) Ameoba
d) Sycon
26. The portion of a plant that is
grafted on to the other plant is called
a) Stock
b) Scion
c) Stalk
d) Sucker
27. White light is a mixture of how
many colours?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7
28. Surface tension arises due to
a) adhesive force between molecules
b) cohesive force between molecules
c) gravitational force between
d) electrical force between molecules
29. A particle covers equal distance
around a circular path in equal interval
of time.
It has uniform
a) Velocity
b) Speed
c) Acceleration
d) Momentum
It is possible for a body to move in a
circular path with uniform speed as
long as it is
traveling equal distances in equal
interval of time, but the velocity
cannot be uniform
since the direction of motion is
continually changing.
30. Which of the following will always
produce a diminished image of an
placed before it?
a) Plane mirror
b) Convex mirror
c) Convex lens
d) Concave mirror
31. The term PC means
a) Private Computer
b) Personal Calculator
c) Personal Computer
d) Professional Computer
32. A translator for the high-level
language program into machine code is
a) Assembler -> convert Assembly
language program into Object files
b) Compiler -> Translates high-level
language program into assembly
c) Loader -> brings EXE file residing on
disk into memory and starts it running.
d) Linker -> merges/connecting the
object files and create executable file
Machine Code are Assembly language
instructions. For example:
MOVE A0, A2 [A2] ‹- [A0] Copy
contents of A0 to A2
33. Atomic nuclei are composed of
a) Protons and electrons
b) Protons and isotrons
c) Electrons and neutrons
d) Protons and neutrons
34. Which allotrope of carbon is used
both as a lubricant and as lead in
a) Diamond
b) Coal
c) Charcoal
d) Graphite
35. Example of aerosol is
a) Milk
b) River water
c) Smoke
d) Blood
An aerosol is a suspension of particles
within a gas. Examples are clouds, and
pollution such as smog and smoke.
36. A process that is almost the
reverse of photosynthesis is the
a) digestion of starch
b) melting of iron
c) ripening of fruit
d) burning of wood
Burning is the opposite reaction to
photosynthesis. Burning requires
and releases the water and carbon
37. Ozone hole was discovered over
Antarctica in
a) 1975
b) 1985
c) 1978
d) 1987
The Antarctic Ozone Hole was
discovered by the British Antarctic
Survey from
data obtained with a ground-based
instrument from a measuring station
at Halley
Bay, Antarctica, in the 1981-1983
period. They reported the October
ozone loss
in 1985.
38. Yusho disease, discovered in Japan,
is related with pollution due to
a) PCB
b) Cadmium
c) Acid rain
d) PAN
Yusho disease (oil disease) caused by
leakage of polychlorinated biphenyls
which contaminated edible oil on the
Japanese island of Kyushu in 1968.
39. The Pyramid of Biomass is invented
in which ecosystem?
a) Pond
b) Forest
c) Grassland
d) Mangrove
40. Central Pollution Control Board
comes under the Ministry of
a) Health and Family Welfare
b) Oil and Petroleum
c) Social Welfare
d) Environment and Forests
41. Hyderabad is famous for a museum.
Name the museum.
a) Prince Wales Museum
b) Salarjung Museum
c) National Museum
d) Victoria Museum
42. Which city is known as Electronic
a) Gurgaon
b) Bengaluru
c) Jaipur
d) Salem
43. First woman President of India is
a)Mrs. Najma Heptulla
b) Mrs. Shiela Dikshit
c) Mrs. Vasundhara Raje Scindia
d) Mrs. Pratibha Patil
44. To which country does India
exports the maximum gems and
ornaments in value terms?
a) U.S.A.
b) Britain
c) Russia
d) Japan
45. The famous Dilwara Temples are
situated in
a) Rajasthan
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Maharashtra
46. The President of India has awarded
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award to
a) Vijay Kumar (Shooter)
b) M.S. Dhoni (Cricketer)
c) Both (A) and (B)
d) None of the above
47. India has won the Under-19 Cricket
World Cup, 2012 after defeating ______
in the final.
a) Australia
b) England
c) South Africa
d) Pakistan
48. Bharatpur Sancuary is located in
the State of
a) Orissa
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka
d) Rajasthan
49. The 2014 Shooting World
Championship will be held in
a) Granada in Spain
b) New Delhi in India
c) Toronto in Canada
d) Mebourne in Australia
50. Rathyatra at Puri is celebrated in
honour of
a) Lord Rama
b) Lord Jagan Nath
c) Sri Chaitanya Prabhu
d) Sri Satya Sai Baba
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SSC CHSL Exam 2012 – Solved GK
Paper (04.11.2012:AN)
SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level
Exam 2012
(Recruitment of Lower Division Clerks
and Data Entry Operators)
Solved GK Paper held on 4th November
2012 (Evening Shift)
1. Light year is a unit of
a) time
b) distance
c) light
d) intensity of light
A light-year is a unit of distance. It is
the distance that light can travel in
one year.
Light moves at a velocity of about
300,000 kilometers (km) each second.
2. Radio telescope are better than
optical telescope because
a) They can detect faint galaxies
which cannot be done by optical
b) They can even work even in cloudy
c) They can work during the day and
d) All the above
3. _______ programs are used to create
numeric-based documents such as
a) Word Processing
b) Presentations
c) Spread sheet
d) Graphics
A spreadsheet application is a
computer program such as Excel,
OpenOffice Calc, or
Google Docs Spreadsheets. Such
programs are used for storing,
organizing and manipulating
data/information in tabular form.
4. The process of elimintating logical
errors is known as
a) testing
b) debugging
c) maintenance
d) evaluation
5. System of growing plants through
water culture methods is known as
a) Hydrotropism
b) Hydrophobia
c) Hydroponics
d) Hydrophytes
6. A transformer is used to
a) increase a.c. voltage
b) increase d.c. voltage
c) convert electrical energy to heat
d) convert a.c. energy to d.c. energy
7. 'Saponification' is a process by which
a) soap is prepared
b) plastic is prepared
c) sulphur is extracted
d) protien is identified.
8. Heat of a reaction does not depend
a) temperature of the reaction.
b) the path by which final product is
c) physical states of the reactants and
d) whether the reaction is carried out
at constant pressure or at constant
9. The presence of 'Entamoeba
histolytica' in drinking water is an
indication of
a) bacterial outbreak
b) polluted water
c) clean water
d) decay of organic matter
10. Disadvantage of using DDT as
pesticide is
a) it becomes ineffective after
b) not easily degraded in nature.
c) less effective than others.
d) its high cost.
11. __________ is unwanted e-mail or
junk mail.
a) Bomb
b) PhatBot
c) Spam
d) Worm
12. Which of the following is a natural
a) Bakelite
b) Cellulose
c) PVC
d) Nylon
13. Temperature inversion is
a) Positive lapse rate
b) Negative lapse rate
c) Neutral condition
d) None of the above
Lapse means decline or decrease.The
environmental lapse rate (ELR), is the
rate of
decrease of temperature with altitude
in the stationary atmosphere at a
given time and
location. If temperature increases 2.2
degrees in. 1000 feet, the lapse rate is
-2.2 degrees.
The lapse rate is considered positive
when the temperature decreases with
elevation and
negative when the temperature
increases with elevation (temperature
14. "My Unforgettable Memories" is the
autobiography of
a) Mayawati
b) Pratibha Patil
c) Mamta Bannerjee
d) Suu Kyi
15. Which country was the latest
entrant to G-8?
a) France
b) Italy
c) Russia
d) Japan
Russia formally joined the group in
1997, resulting in the Group of Eight,
or G8.
16. Which is the capital of South
a) Suva
b) Juba
c) Khartoum
d) Taichung
17. In which one of the following
States, there had been only one
woman Chief Minister?
a) Delhi -> Sushma Swaraj & Shiela
b) Rajasthan -> Vasundhara Raje
c) Tamil Nadu -> Janaki Ramachandran
& Jayalalithaa
d) Uttar Pradesh -> Sucheta Kripalani
& Mayawati
Sucheta Kripalani was the first woman
to be chief minister of any state in
She presided over Uttar Pradesh from
October 1963 to May 1967.
18. Green house gases are
a) CO2, CH4, NO and CFC
b) CO2, CH4, SO2 and NO
c) SO2, NO, H2S and CO
d) CO, NH3, H2S and N2
19. Highly polluting industries comes
under the category of
a) Orange
b) Red
c) Yellow
d) Black
20. Karagam is a folk dance of
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala
21. Who is the Union Minister for
Information and Broadcasting?
a) Kumari Selija
b) Anand Sharma
c) Ambika Soni
d) C.P. Joshi
22. Dronacharya Awards are given to
a) Outstanding teachers
b) Outstanding athletes
c) Best performers in archery
d) Outstanding coaches in the sport
23. Who among the following Union
Ministers in the UPA-II Government
resigned for reasons
not connected with charges of
a) A. Raja
b) Dayanidhi Maran
c) Dinesh Trivedi
d) Virbhadra Singh
He got this reward for his decision of
hiking railway fair against Mamta
Banerjiee, TMC Supremo.
24. Which one of the following
statements about Ms. Mayawati, Ex.
C.M. of U.P. is correct?
a) She is now a member of the U.P.
State Legislative Council.
b) She is the leader of opposition in
U.P. State Assembly.
c) She is an elected member of the
Rajya Sabha. - Elected in April 2012
d) She is a nominated member of the
Rajya Sabha.
Swamy Prasad Maurya, Bahujan Samaj
Party (BSP) general secretary is the
leader of
the opposition in the UP State
25. Who among the following sports
personalities was the first to receive
Rajiv Gandhi
Khel Ratna Award?
a) Sachin Tendulkar
b) Viswanathan Anand
c) Geet Sethi
d) Sunil Gavaskar
26. Which one of the following is a
characteristic of oligopolistic
a) Product differentiation
b) Homogeneous goods
c) Price rigidity
d) Price discrimination
27. When a leather industry discharges
its waste in the river causing water
pollution, the cost
incurred on health hazards is called
a) Implicit cost
b) Social cost
c) Private cost
d) Opportunity cost
28. Who said that "Parliamentary
democracy means one individual and
one vote"?
a) Jawaharlal Nehru
b) M.K. Gandhi
c) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
d) Sardar Patel
29. Division of labour is a concept
advocated by
a) Keynes
b) Marshall
c) Smith
d) Baumol
30. Which one of the following is not a
direct determinant of demand?
a) Savings
b) Income
c) Price of the commodity
d) Taste
31. Which article empowers Parliament
to formulate law on State List
a) 115
b) 183
c) 221
d) 249
32. Which part of the Constitution is
associated with the provisions of
a) II
b) III
c) IV
d) V
The provisions relating to citizenship
upon adoption of the constitution are
contained in
Articles 5 to 11 in Part II of the
Constitution of India.
33. Democratic Decentralization refers
a) Fedral Government
b) Parliamentary Government
c) Democratic Government
d) Local Government
34. Which one among the following
was the Harappan trading station?
a) Kalibangan
b) Lothal
c) Surkotda
d) Ropar
35. Which of the following Directive
Principles of State Policy was based on
a) Organization of Village Panchayats
b) Equal wage for equal labour
c) Protection of labourers
d) All the above
36. Which of the following ensures
grass-root democracy in India?
a) Panchayati Raj
b) Inter-State Council
c) President
d) CAG
37. What portion of actual produce was
fixed as the State's demand under the
Zabti System?
a) One-fourth
b) One-third
c) One-half
d) One-fifth
Zabti System was introduced by
Mughal Emperor Akbar for land
revenue administration.
He appointed Todarmal as his Finance
Minister (diwan-i-ashraf) to
implement and
regulate the Zabti system
effectively.In Zabti system, land was
measured accurately
and assessment of land revenue was
based upon it. It was implemented in
Malwa and Gujrat regions.
38. Which among the following ended
the French power in India?
a) Battle of Buxar
b) Third Carnatic War
c) Battle of Plassey
d) Battle of Wandhiwash
39. The Tropic of Cancer does not pass
a) India
b) Pakistan
c) Bangladesh
d) Myanmar
40. Among the following problems of
developing countires, which one is not
a) Low level of technological
b) Lack of diversification of economy.
c) High proportion of old age
d) Weak industrial base.
41. Which of the following rivers flows
from South to North?
a) Krishna
b) Kaveri
c) Son
d) Godavari
42. Which one of the following
recorded the transformation of King
Ashoka after the
Kalinga War?
a) Rock Edict II
b) Rock Edict IV
c) Rock Edict VI
d) Rock Edict XIII
43. Where was the early capital of
a) Prayag
b) Kannauj
c) Thaneswar
d) Mathura
44. Which one is a biofertilizer?
b) Azospirillum
c) Compost
d) Superphosphate
45. ACTH hormone is secreted from
a) Adrenal cortex
b) Adrenal medulla
c) Pituitary gland
d) Pineal body
46. Pepsin secreting cells of gastric
glands are
a) Oxyntic cells
b) Parietal cells
c) Chief cells
d) Goblet cells
47. Which of thed following is a
a) Mucin
b) Haemoglobin
c) Peptones
d) Vitelline
48. Sieve plate is part of
a) Cambium
b) Xylem
c) Cortex
d) Phloem
49. Hurricanes are also called ________
in Australia.
a) Baguio
b) Willy Willy
c) Taifu
d) Typhoon
50. The State having largest area
under waste land is
a) Rajasthan
b) Gujarat
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Jammu & Kashmir
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November 18, 2012
SSC CHSL Exam 2012 – Solved GK
Paper (04.11.2012:FN)
SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level
Exam 2012
(Recruitment of Lower Division Clerks
and Data Entry Operators)
Solved GK Paper held on 4th November
2012 (Morning Shift)
1. Who are the price-takers under
Perfect Competition?
a) buyers
b) industry
c) government
d) firms
2. Open market operation rfers to:
a) borrowing by scheduled banks from
the RBI
b) borrowing by scheduled banks to
industry and trade
c) purchase and sale of government
d) deposit mobilisation
3. An employment situation where the
marginal productivity of agricultural
labour is zero
is known as:
a) Structural unemployment
b) Seasonal unemployment
c) Cyclical unemployment
d) Disguised unemployment
4. Which of the following is not a
characteristic of the Indian Economy?
a) low per capita income
b) primacy of agriculture
c) balance between heavy industry
and wage goods.
d) population pressure
5. Who said in the Constituent
Assembly that the Directive Principles
of the State Policy are
like a "Cheque on a bank payable at
the convenience of the bank"?
a) K.T. Shah
b) K.M. Munshi
c) B.R. Ambedkar
d) Austin
6. Term 'Federal' has been used in the
Indian Constituion in:
a) Preamble
b) Part III
c) Article 368
d) Nowhere in the Constitution
7. Which of the following is associated
with panchayati Raj?
a) Shah Commission -> to look into
Mining Scam
b) Nanavati Commission -> to look into
Gujarat riots
c) Balwant Rai Committee
d) Liberhan Commission -> to look into
Babri masjid case
8. Which schedule of the Indian
Constitution prescribes distribution of
seats in Rajya Sabha?
a) 3rd schedule
b) 4th schedule
c) 5th schedule
d) 6th schedule
9. Which one of the following items
comes under the Concurrent List?
a) Inter-State rivers
b) Trade Unions
c) Citizenship
d) Local Government
10. Which Amendment of the
Constituion deals with Political
a) 44th
b) 50th
c) 52nd
d) 60th
11. When and by whom were the
Asokan inscriptions deciphered for the
first time?
a) 1810 – Harry Smith
b) 1787 – John Tower
c) 1825 – Charles Metcalfe
d) 1837 – James Prinsep
12. Amuktamalyada is the work of:
a) Allasani Peddana
b) Krishnadeva Raya
c) Vachcharaj
d) Kharavela
13. The use of which of the following
regional laguages was popularised by
the Bhakti
leader, Shankaradeva?
a) Assamese
b) Bengali
c) Brijbhasha
d) Avadhi
14. The Manasbdari system was
introduced by
a) Akbar
b) Shah Jahan
c) Jahangir
d) Babar
In 1595-96, the Mughal Emperor Akbar
introduced the Mansabdari System in
the Mughal army
which primarily meant the ranking of
officers on decimal system. This
system was introduced
to strengthen the Army and was
common to both the military and the
civil department. Under
this system, every officer was assigned
a rank (mansab). The lowest rank was
10, and the
highest was 5000 for the nobles.
15. Which of the following was created
by the 'Pitt's India Act'?
a) Court of Directors
b) Board of Control
c) Board of Revenue
d) Standing Council
16. When granite rocks get
metamorphosed, they change into:
a) Marble
b) Felspar
c) Gensis
d) Quartzite
17. Spot the odd item in the following:
a) Dead sea
b) Red sea
c) Black sea
d) Caspian sea
18. Earth received heat from the sun is
known as:
a) Thermal radiation
b) Insolation
c) Infrared heat
d) Solar radiation
Insolation is the solar radiation that
reaches the earth's surface. It is
measured by the amount
of solar energy received per square
centimetre per minute.
19. Which one of the following is a raw
material oriented industry?
a) Ship building
b) Sugar industry
c) Petroleum refinery
d) Light engineering industry
Crude oil is the basic raw material upon
which all refinery processes are
20. Which country is the largest
producer of wool?
a) Canada
b) U.S.A.
c) Australia
d) Britain
Australia is the leading producer of
wool which is mostly from Merino
21. Which enzyme is obtained from Red
a) Urease
b) Zymase
c) Maltase
d) Diastase
22. Longest cell in human body is
a) Muscle cell
b) Blood cell
c) Bone cell
d) Nerve cell
23. Which part of the plant is used as
a) Sepals
b) Petals
c) Stamens
d) Style and Stigma
24. Grave's disease is caused due to:
a) hyperactivity of thymus
b) hyperactivity of thyroid
c) hypoactivity of thymus
d) hypoactivity of thyroid
25. Which one of the folllowing is
called the primary pace maker of the
a) S.A. Node
b) A.V. Node
c) Chordae tendinae
d) A.V. Septum
26. Chiropterophily means:
a) production of leaves
b) production of flowers
c) pollination by wind
d) pollination by bat
27. A radioactive substance has a half-
life of four months. Three-fourth of
the substance
will decay in:
a) 6 months
b) 8 months
c) 12 months
d) 4 months
28. Red light is used in traffic signal for
stopping the traffic because:
a) It is visible even to longsighted
b) eye is more sensitive to red light
c) it is least scattered and hence can
be easily noticed from long distance
d) it is very pleasant to the eye.
29. The property which is seen in light
wave but not in sound wave is:
a) Interference
b) Diffraction
c) Refraction
d) Polarization
30. The indentions on CDs and DVDs
are called:
a) lands
b) pits
c) clusters
d) tracks
CD data is represented as tiny
indentations known as "pits", encoded
in a spiral track
moulded into the top of the
polycarbonate layer. The areas
between pits are known as
"lands". As the CD spins over the laser,
the laser reads the digital code on the
surface (digital code is made up of 1′s
and 0′s) . The numbers are "encoded"
by tiny
indentations, called pits, that
determine whether the laser reads a
number 1 (on) or a
number 0 (off). The pits and lands
themselves do not directly represent
the zeros and
ones of binary data. Instead, non-
return-to-zero, inverted encoding is
used: a change
from pit to land or land to pit indicates
a one, while no change indicates a
series of zeros.
If the laser passes over the pit, it
reflects back to the CD player and
reads the digital
number 1. If not, then it reads a 0.
There are millions of these pits, which
make up the
enormous digital code on every CD.
The data indentations on a DVD are
smaller than those on a CD, this is the
main reason
why a single-layer DVD holds 4.7
gigabytes (GB), or around seven times
more than
a traditional compact discs (CDs) which
hold 650 megabytes (MB) of digital
31. Programs which protect a disk from
an infection are called as:
a) Interpreters
b) Vaccines
c) Antidotes
d) Library routines
Usually in computer world, the term
'Antidotes' is not used when discussing
computer viruses.
Standard term used for such type of
programs is 'Antivirus'.
32. CPU performance is often
measured in :
a) GB
b) MHz
d) Band rate
Clock speed is the rate at which a
processor can complete a processing
cycle. It is typically
measured in megahertz (MHz) or
gigahertz (GHz).
33. Caustic soda is:
a) efflorescent
b) deliquescent
c) oxidant
d) reductant
34. Which one among the following is a
solid lubricant?
a) Indium
b) Germanium
c) Sulphur
d) Graphite
Graphite and Molybdenum Disulfide
(MoS2) are the most frequently used
inorganic solid lubricants.
35. A white solid 'A' on heating gives
off a gas which turns lime water milky.
The residue
is yellow when hot but turn white on
colling. The solid A is:
a) Zinc sulphate
b) Zinc carbonate
c) Lead sulphate
d) Lead carbonate
36. Suspended colloidal particles in the
water can be removed by the process
a) Coagulation
b) Filteration
c) Adsorption
d) Absorption
37. The acid rain destroys the
vegetation because it contains:
a) Nitrates
b) Ozone
c) Carbon monoxide
d) Sulphuric acid
38. Iron and manganese are removed
in water by the process of:
a) Aeration
b) Chlorination
c) Filteration
d) Lime-soda treatment
Oxidation/filtration refers to
precipitative processes that are
designed to remove naturally
occurring iron and manganese from
39. Which of the following is strongest
a) Magnesium sulphate
b) Zinc chloride
c) Aluminimum chloride
d) Barium chloride
40. Activated sludge treatment is
a) Chemical treatment
b) Preliminary treatment
c) Biological treatment
d) Pre treatment
The treatment of wastewater by
suspended growth biological
treatment is known
as the activated sludge process.
41. Roger Federer won the seventh
Wimbledon title in 2012. In which year,
he won the
sixth Wimledon title?
a) 2008
b) 2009
c) 2010
d) 2011
42. To promote and popularise which
game in India, another Indian League
was launched in 2011 on the lines of
a) Soccer
b) Volley Ball
c) Hockey
d) Basket Ball
43. How many cricketers, who have
represented India in test matches, are
Lok Sabha members?
a) Three
b) Two
c) One
d) Nil
- Mohammed Azharuddin won the Lok
Sabha election in 2009 from
Moradabad (UP) and
the Indian Nantional Congress got this
seat after 25 long years.
– BJP candidate KIRTI AZAD won Lok
Sabha election in 2009 from
Darbhanga (Bihar).
44. Which one of the following African
countries is not a member of OPEC?
a) Algeria
b) Angola
c) Libya
d) South Africa
45. Which one of the following
National Park/Sanctuary is not in
a) Rhanthambore National Park
b) Sariska national park
c) Sambar Wildlife Sanctuary
d) Rajaji National Park -> correct :
46. Which day is observed as
'International Day of Non-Violence'?
a) 30th January
b) 1st May
c) 2th October
d) 24th October
47. Which country will host the next
meet of CHOGAM (Commonwealth
heads of
Government Meet) in 2013?
a) India
b) U.K.
c) Mauritius
d) Srilanka
48. Lakshmibai National Institute of
Physical Education (LNIPE) is in:
a) Jhansi
b) Patiala
c) Gwalior
d) Indore
Laxmibai National Institute of Physical
Education or LNIPE Gwalior is the first
university of physical education in
49. Who is the Governor of West
a) Margaret Alva
b) B.L. Joshi
c) M.K.Narayanan
d) Shivraj Patil
50. The concept of 'Carbon credit'
originated from:
a) Earth Summit, Rio-de-Janerio
b) Kyto Protocol
c) Montreal Protocol
d) None of the above
The concept of carbon credits for
manufacturers originated with the
Kyoto Agreement of 1997.
Note – Correct answers are higlihted in
red color. Write your comment/
in regarding the highlighted answers
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November 13, 2012
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SSC CHSL Exam 2012 – Solved GK
Paper (21.10.2012:FN)
SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level
Exam 2012
(Recruitment of Lower Division Clerks
and Data Entry Operators)
Solved GK Paper held on 21st October
2012 (Morning Shift)
1. The basic characteristic of a
capitalistic economy is
a) full employment
b) the private ownership of the means
of production
c) absence of monopoly
d) large-scale production in primary
A capitalist economy is one in which
the means of production are owned
and controlled
by the private corporations and
government has no interference on
the working of private
2. Which of the following taxes is not a
direct tax?
a) Gift tax
b) Wealth tax
c) Sales tax
d) Estate duty
3. UNDP prepares
a) Index Number of Price Level
b) Physical Quality Index
c) Human Development Index
d) Standard of Living Index
4. Fiscal policy refers to
a) Sale and purchase of securities by
b) Government taxes, expenditure and
c) Government borrowings from
d) Sharing of its revenue by Central
Government with States
Fiscal policy is the manipulation of
government spending and taxation.
5. Public opinion gets an authoritative
expression in a democracy through
a) Newspapers
b) Parliament
c) Pressure groups
d) Public meetings
6. Which one of the following is not a
determining factor of a country's
foreign policy?
a) National interests
b) Interdependence
c) Cultural conditions
d) Religious conditions
7. Who will act as the Chairman of
Public Accounts Committee?
a) The Leader of the Opposition in Lok
Sabha [Check this post]
b) The Leader of the House
c) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha
d) The Vice-President of India
8. Who was chosen unanimously as
the President of India?
a) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
b) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
c) K.R. Narayanan
d) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Shri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy was the
sixth President of India serving from 25
July 1977
till 25 July 1982. He was elected
unanimously (i.e. without any
opposition from any politician)
as President by the electoral college
on 21 July 1977.
9. The Constitution of India was passed
by the Constitutent Assembly on
a) 17th October, 1949
b) 14th November, 1949
c) 26th November, 1949
d) 26th January, 1949
10. The power to decide an election
petition is vested in the
a) Parliament
b) Supreme Court
c) High Court
d) Election Commission
The power to decide an election
petition is vested in the High Court,
with appeal to the
Supreme Court.
11. The 1857 Mutiny failed mainly
a) the British got French support
b) the British numbered more
c) of lack of planning and leadership
d) it was premature
12. The Story of 'My Experiment with
Truth" is the autobiography of
a) Lala lajpat Rai
b) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
d) Mahatma Gandhi
13. Who among the following made the
Ganapati festival very popular in
a) Gopal krishna Gokhale
b) Annie Vesant
c) Mahadev Ranade
d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
14. The Mughal ruler who built the
Buland Darwaja was
a) Akbar
b) Babur
c) Humayun
d) Bahadur Shah
Buland Darwaza was built in 'Fatehpur
Sikri' by "Akbar The Great" in 1572 to
his victory over Gujarat. The royal city
Fatehpur Sikri is located 40 kilometers
(25 miles) from
Agra, in Uttar Pradesh.
15. Diarchy in the provinces was
introduced through the
a) Indian Councils Act, 1861
b) Indian Councils Act, 1862
c) Government of India Act, 1919
d) Government of India Act, 1935
Diarchy or dual Government in the
provinces of British India was
introduced by
Government of India Act (1919).
16. Which of the following is the
world's largest desert?
a) Gobi
b) Sahara
c) The Great Australian Desert
d) Arabian Desert
World's largest hot desert is the
Sahara in northern Africa, but in term
of size/area:
World's largest & coldest : Antarctic
Desert (13.8 million sq. kms.)
Second Largest : Arctic Desert (13.7
million sq. kms.)
Third largest : Sahara Desert (9.1
million sq. kms.)
17. The rate of erosion in a stream is
lowest where
a) breadth is greater
b) velocity is more
c) the river joins the sea
d) depth is greater
Velocity is the key factor that
determines a stream's ability to erode,
transport, and
deposit sediment. At flood stage, rivers
flow much faster and do more erosion
the added water increases the
stream's velocity (up to ~25 km/hr).
18. The name 'Sahyadri' is related to:
a) Western Ghats
b) Cyclone hazards
c) A rain-bearing wind
d) Himalayan Peak
19. Which of the following is not
correctly matched?
a) Himachal Pradesh - Shilong
b) Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad
c) Uttar pradesh - Lucknow
d) Arunachal Pradesh - Itanagar
20. Tides in the sea have stored in
a) Hydraulic energy
b) Kinetic energy
c) Gravitational potential energy
d) A combination of all the three forms
of energy
21. Delivery of developed foetus is
scientifically called as
a) Parturition
b) Oviposition
c) Abortion
d) Ovulation
22. Thyroxine hormone is secreted by
a) Pituitary gland
b) Thyroid gland
c) Adrneal gland
d) Testes
The primary function of thyroid gland
in human body is to secrete thyroid
which are responsible for controlling
body's metabolism.
23. The digestive juice which has no
enzyme is
a) Bile
b) Saliva
c) Intestinal juice
d) Gastric juice
24. An essential feature of seed
germination is the presence of
a) Minerals
b) Water
c) Light
d) Temperature
25. Plants that grow on stones and
rocks are
a) Halophytes
b) Aerophytes
c) Psammophytes
d) Lithophytes
26. Tactile hair is found in the body of
a) Insects
b) Mammals
c) Reptiles
d) Birds
Tactile hairs help organisms sense
their environment.
27. The source of energy in the sun
a) nuclear fission
b) nuclear fusion
c) radioactivity
d) electrical energy
28. Which one of the following
materials is used as controller in a
nuclear reactor
power generator?
a) Cadmium
b) Beryllium
c) Graphite
d) Heavy Water
Cadmium's rods are used in nuclear
reactors to control the rate of fission
uranium and plutonium.
29. Banking of curves on road or
railway track is done to provide
a) centripetal force
b) centrifugal force
c) gravitational force
d) angular velocity
30. ___________ is a type of application
software used for communication.
a) FTP
b) Word processing
c) Database
d) Image editing
31. A floppy disk is
a) a semiconductor random-access
b) an EPROM
c) used as the primary memory in
computer system
d) made up of magnetic material
Invented by IBM's Alan Shugart in
1971, floppy disks are made of thin
plastic disk coated
with magnetic material on which data
for a computer can be stored.
32. MDI stands for
a) Multiple Document Interface
b) Multiple Design Interface
c) Multiple Design Interaction
d) Multiple Document Interaction
33. People die in an atmosphere of
carbon dioxide because
a) it is a poisonous gas
b) it destroys tissues
c) of want of oxygen
d) of suffocation
34. Which of the following acts as
photosensitizer during
a) Oxygen
b) Nitrogen
c) Chlorophyll
d) Chlorine
35. What happens when bleaching
powder is left exposed to air?
a) it turns dark brown in colour
b) it turns yellow in colour
c) it gradually loses its oxygen
d) it gradually loses its chlorine
36. Arsenic pollution leads to
a) White foot disease
b) Black foot disease
c) Dyslexia
d) Allergy
37. Which one of the following does
not contribute to pollution?
a) Thermal Power Plant
b) Nuclear Power Plant
c) Hydroelectric Power Plant
d) Atomic Power Plant
38. Which of the following are the two
major components of dry air (by
a) Nitrogen and Oxygen
b) Oxygen and Argon
c) Nitrogen and Ammonia
d) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
39. Which one of the following is not
an example of Lotic ecosystem?
a) Stream
b) Lagoon
c) Pond
d) Estuary
Pond is example of Lentic Ecosystem
because it has still waters instead of
flowing waters.
40. Permissible noise level at industrial
area during daytime is
a) 40 dB (A)
b) 75 dB (A)
c) 120 dB (A)
d) 140 dB (A)
41. Benazir Bhutto, the former
Pakistan Prime Minister was
assassinated in
a) Hyderabad
b) Karachi
c) Rawalpindi
d) Islamabad
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto
occurred on 27 December 2007 in
Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
42. Which of the following is correctly
Research Institue Headquarters
a) Leather Research Institue -
Lucknow -> correct : Chennai
b) Rice Research Institute - Cuttack
c) Silk Research Institute - Bangalore -
> correct : Mysore
d) Sugar Research Institute - Chennai -
> correct : Kanpur
43. Who was affectionately known as
the "Grand Old Man of India"?
a) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
b) Mahatma gandhi
c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
d) Dadabhai Naoroji
44. India test fired successfully its
Agni-V surface-to-surface ICBM from
Wheeler Island on
a) 8th March, 2012
b) 7th April, 2012
c) 17th March, 2012
d) 17th April, 2012
The three stage, solid propellant
missile AGNI-V was test-fired
successfully from a mobile
launcher from the launch complex-4
of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at
Wheeler Island
off Odisha coast on 19th April 2012 at
08:05 AM.
The test-fire of Agni-V missile was
originally scheduled for 18th April
2012. It was postponed
at the last moment due to bad weather
marked by rains and heavy lightning.
45. Find the odd one out:
a) IDBI - Industrial Finance
b) SIDBI - Financial assistance to small
c) FCI - Financial assistance to
commercial institutions
d) EXIM BANK - Financing of Export-
Import trade
46. The Tweleth Five Year Plan will be
operative for the period
a) 2010 – 2015
b) 2011 – 2016
c) 2012 – 2017
d) 2013 – 2018
47. The State with largest gap in the
male and female literacy is
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Rajasthan
d) Kerala
48. "Better to regin in hell than serve
in heaven." Who said these words?
a) William Shakespeare
b) Milton
c) William Wordsworth
d) Lord Tennyson
49. Comprehensive Test Ban Treat
(CTBT) is associated with the ban on
which of
the following?
a) Ban on certain organisations under
UN laws
b) Ban on money laundering activities
c) Ban on nuclear tests for developing
d) Ban on terrrorism
50. The Pulitzer prize is associated with
which of the following?
a) Environmental Protection
b) Civil Aviation
c) Journalism
d) Olympic Games
Note - Correct answers are higlighted
in red color. Write your comment/
in regarding the highlighted answers
in the comment box and don't forget to
rate the post. Post Created By : Naren
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October 31, 2012
11 Replies
SSC CHSL Exam 2012 – Solved GK
Paper (21.10.2012:AN)
SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level
Exam 2012
(Recruitment of Lower Division Clerks
and Data Entry Operators)
Solved GK Paper held on 21st October
2012 (Evening Shift)
1. The Kharif crops are harvested in:
a) June – July
b) October – November
c) May – June
d) March – April
2. Which of the following cost curve is
never "U" shapped?
a) Average cost curve
b) Marginal cost curve
c) Average variable cost curve
d) Average fixed cost curve
3. Hydro-electric power is a:
a) renewable-natural resource
b) non-renewable-natural resource
c) a mixture of renewable and non-
renewable natural resource
d) neither renewable nor non-
renewable resource
4. National Income is also called as:
a) NNP at Market Price
b) GNP at Factor Cost
c) GNP at Market Price
d) NNP at Factor Cost
National Income is defined as the sum
total of all the goods and services
produced in a country,
in a particular period of time. Normally
this period consists of one year
duration. Net National
Product (NNP) at factor cost is also
called as national income.
NNP at Factor Cost = NNP at Market
Price – Net Indirect tax
5. The Members and Chairman of the
Union Public Service Commission, are
appointed by the:
a) Prime Minister of India
b) President of India
c) Chief Justice of India
d) Parliament of India
6. At the time of enactment of the
Constitution, which one of the
following ideals
was not included in the Preamble?
a) Equality
b) Justice
c) Socialist
d) Liberty
The word socialist was added to the
Preamble by the 42nd Amendment Act
of 1976 during the
Emergency. It implies social and
economic equality for all its citizens.
The term secular was also
added in the 42nd amendment (1976)
in the preamble.
7. Money can be spent out of the
Consolidated Fund of India with the
approval of:
a) The President
b) The Parliament
c) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
d) The Comptroller and Auditor
8. Which of the following is not a Union
a) Lakshadweep
b) Pondicherry
c) Nagaland
d) Daman and Diu
Nagaland, the 16th state of the Indian
Union, was established on 1st
December 1963, is a largely
hill state in north eastern of India.
9. India was granted freedom during
the British Prime Minister:
a) William Pitt
b) Clement Attlee
c) Winston Churchill
d) Ramsay MacDonald
10. In which of the following list does
the subject 'planning' figure?
a) Union List
b) State List
c) Concurrent List
d) Residuary List
11. The doctrine of Lapse was
introduced by:
a) Dalhousie
b) Canning
c) Rippon
d) Lyton
12. The famous tourist centre
Mahabalipuram is located near:
a) Calcutta
b) Bombay
c) Delhi
d) Chennai
Mahabalipuram is a tourist destination
situated in Tamil Nadu. The nearest
airport to Mahabalipuram is
in Chennai, located close to 60 km
13. Who was the first Indian Governor
General after Lord Mount Batten?
a) Pattabi Sitaramayya
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) C. Rajagopalachari
d) Rajendra Prasad
14. Babar was succeeded to the
Mughal throne by:
a) Bahadur Shah
b) Sher Shah
c) Akbar
d) Humayun
Humayun (1530-1540 and 1555-1556)
– the eldest son of Babar, succeeded
his father and
became the second emperor of the
Mughal Empire.
15.The Chinese pilgrim visited India
during the reign of Harshavardhana
a) Fahien
b) Hiuen Tsang
c) Itsing
d) Wang Hiuen Tse
16. The Temperate grasslands of North
America are known as:
a) Prairies
b) Pampas
c) Downs
d) Steppes
17. The river which has a greater flow
of water than any other river in the
world is:
a) River Nile
b) River Hwang-ho
c) River Amazon
d) River Zaire
The Amazon River is the second
longest river in the world after the Nile
River in Africa. It has the
largest watershed (area of land that
flows into the river) and more
tributaries (streams that flow
into it) than any other river in the
world. It has more than 200 tributaries.
18. The rapid sliding of large masses of
bed rocks is called:
a) Mass wasting
b) Landslide
c) Earthquake
d) Weathering
19. Which place is located on the water
divide between the Indus and the
Ganges river
a) Allahabad
b) Varanasi
c) Gaya
d) Ambala
20. Zojila pass connects:
a) Kashmir and Tibet
b) Nepal and Tibet
c) Leh and Kargil
d) Leh and Srinagar
21. Jaws are absent in:
a) Reptiles
b) Birds
c) Fishes
d) Protochordates
Birds have lightweight beaks instead
of jaws filled with heavy teeth, and
some internal organs
are reduced in size or absent.
22. Among the following sets of sailent
features, which set does not
characterize mammals?
a) Presence of mammary glands, hairs
on skin and diaphragm.
b) Presence of sweat glands, hairs on
skin and diphyodonts.
c) Presence of mammary glands, sweat
glands and diaphragm.
d) Warm blooded, 4 chambered heart
and foetal membrane.
23. An ant can see the objects all
around it due to the presence of:
a) Simple eyes
b) Eyes over the head
c) Well developed eyes
d) Compound eyes
24. A man suffering from diabets
mellitus drinks water more frequently
as he has to
eliminate from the blood extra:
a) salt
b) glucose
c) insulin
d) glucagon
25. The word Biosphere refers to:
a) Zone of water on earth which can
support life.
b) Zone of soil, water and air around
earth capable of supporting the flora
and fauna.
c) Part of earth surface which can
support the flora
d) Parts of air around earth where life
can exist.
26. Symptoms of Jaundice occur mainly
due to disorder and malfunction of :
a) Pancreas
b) Intestine
c) Liver
d) Stomach
27. When hot liquid is poured into a
thick glass tumbler, it cracks because
a) has low temperature coefficient of
b) is a bad conductor of heat so only
inner surface expands.
c) has high temperature coefficient of
d) has a very low specific heat.
28. A solid needle placed horizontally
on the surface of the water floats due
a) viscosity of water
b) capilary action
c) water pressure
d) surface tension of water
29. The oil in the wick of an oil lamp
rises up due to:
a) pressure difference
b) capillary action
c) low viscosity of oil
d) gravitational force
30. Both the ALU and Control Section
have special purpose storage locations
a) Address
b) Registers
c) Accumulators
d) Bus
In a computer's central processing unit
(CPU), an accumulator is a register in
which intermediate
arithmetic and logic results are stored.
31. Telnet is a:
a) search engine
b) browser
c) protocol
d) gateway
Telnet is a network protocol that
allows you to connect to remote
computers (called hosts) over
a TCP/IP network (such as the
32. The term ODBC stands for:
a) Object Database Connectivity
b) Object Database Communication
c) Open Database Communication
d) Open Database Connectivity
In computing, ODBC (Open Database
Connectivity) is a standard C
programming language
middleware Application Programming
Interface (API) for accessing database
systems. ODBC API provide various
methods and objects for accessing the
Back-end data
source (i.e. the data source like MS
Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
databases etc.)
through the Front-End applications
(i.e. user interface like web-forms on
webpage over internet.
ODBC was developed by software giant
Microsoft and the first version ODBC
1.0 was
released in September 1992.
33. The heat treatment applied to milk
before distribution to stablize and to
remove disease
causing bacteria is called as:
a) Homogenisation
b) Pasteurisation
c) Fermentation
d) Coagulation
34. A drop of liquid assumes spherical
shape because:
a) Intermolecular forces are weak in
b) Intermolecular forces are strong in
c) A sphere has the least surface area
for a given volume
d) A sphere has the largest surface
area for a given volume
35. The two metal ions that cause
hardness to water are:
a) Sodium, Magnesium
b) Calcium, Magnesium
c) Sodium, Calcium
d) Sodium, Potassium
36. Biogradable wastes can usually be
converted into useful substances with
the help of:
a) bacteria
b) nuclear protiens
c) radio-active substances
d) viruses
37. Which one of the following is an
indicator of air pollution?
a) Lichens
b) Cycas
c) Algae
d) Bryophytes
38. The liquid waste from kitchens and
baths, of residences is known as:
a) Refuse
b) Domestic sewage
c) Storm water
d) Sullage
39. Which of the following metals
contribute to biomagnification problem
in the ecosystem?
a) Lead
b) Mercury
c) Chromium
d) Copper
40. Which of the following item is not
included in Environmental Auditing?
a) Storage of toxic chemicals
b) Pollution monitoring schemes
c) Scrutiny by the government
d) Safety provisions for industrial
41. Saina Nehwal won her maiden
Indonesia Open Title on 16th March
2012 after defeating in
a) Xuerui Li
b) Ratchanok Inthanon
c) Liem Savie King
d) Ruddy Hastono
Statement is not correct in regarding
the given options.
June 21, 2009 : Saina defeated Chinese
Wang Lin to win her first Indonesia
Open Super Series.
June 17, 2012 : Saina Nehwal defeated
China's Xuerui Li to win her Third
Indonesian Open Title.
June 10, 2012 : Saina defeated
Thailand's Ratchanok Inthanon to win
Thialand Open Grand Prix.
Ruddy Hastono and Liem Savie King
both are male Indonesian badminton
42. 'Slumdog Millionaire', film is based
on the book 'Question and Answer'
written by:
a) Vikas Swarup
b) Vinesh Swaroop
c) Vimal Swaroop
d) None of the above
43. Where did the so-called 'Black Hole
Tragedy' take place?
a) Murshidabad
b) Dacca
c) Monghyr
d) Calcutta
44. Tsunami which caused havoc in
Japan occurred on:
a) 8th March 2011
b) 11th March 2011
c) 14th March 2011
d) 17th March 2011
Japan was hit by a 9.0 magnitude
earthquake on March 11, 2011.
45. Find the odd one out:
d) EEC
NATO = North Atlantic Treaty
EEC = European Economic Community
NAFTA = North American Free Trade
ASEAN = The Association of Southeast
Asian Nations
Except ASEAN, rest terms are
associated with European Countries.
46. As per 2011 Census data, the
overall sex-ratio in the country is:
a) 930
b) 933
c) 940
d) 943
47. Who amongst the following has
never been the Governor of Reserve
Bank of India?
a) Y.V. Reddy
b) D. Subbarao
c) C. Rangrajan
d) B.B. Bhattacharya
48. Barack Hussain Obama belongs to
which of the following political
a) Labour
b) Democratic
c) Republican
d) American National Conference
49. Which of the following countries
recently conferred its Highest State
Honour on Late
Mrs. Indira Gandhi for her contribution
in its 'Liberation War'?
a) South Sudan
b) Bangladesh
c) Slovakia
d) Croatia
50. 'SCOPE' is the abbreviated form of:
a) Standing Conference of Public
b) Selection Commission of Public
c) Specialist Committee of Public
d) None of the above
Standing Conference of Public
Enterprises (SCOPE) is the apex body
of Central Government owned
Public Enterprises.
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