Saturday, January 19, 2013


facts about animals.
Camels have three
A goldfish has a
memory span of about
3 seconds.
An ostrich's eye is
bigger than its brain.
Hummingbirds are not
only the smallest birds
but are also the only
birds that can fly
Penguins can jump 6
feet in the air.
A group of kangaroos is
called a mob.
Elephants are the only
animals that can't
All polar bears are left
A crocadile can't stick
its tounge out.
Tigers have striped
skin, not just striped
A woodpecker can
peck 20 times per
Armadillos, opossums
and sloths spend up to
80 percent of their
lives sleeping.
The slowest mammal
on earth is the tree
sloth. It only moves at a
speed of 6 feet (1.83
meters) per minute.
The only 2 animals that
can see behind itself
without turning it's
head are the rabbit and
the parrot
A snail can sleep for 3
The venom of a
stonefish can kill a
human in 2 hours.
Platypuses can
consume their own
body weight in food in a
24 hour period.
An octopus will eat its
own arms if it gets
really hungry.
The world smallest
mammal is the
bumblebee bat of
Thailand, weighing less
than a penny.
Most lipstick contains
fish scales.
A whale's penis is called
a dork.
A duck's quack doesn't
echo, and noone knows
Dolphins sleep with one
eye open.
A jellyfish is 95% water.
More people are killed
anually by donkeys than
in plane crashes.
When a horned toad is
angry, it can squirt
blood from its eyes.
A scallop has 35 blue
The oldest domestic
cat (with reliable
documentation) was a
female tabby named
"Ma" that lived to be 34
years old.
The largest frog in the
world, the Goliath frog,
is also the highest
jumped. It can leap 3
meters into the air.
A pig's orgasm lasts for
30 minutes.
If you keep a
goldfish in a dark
room, it will
eventually turn
Cats do not have a
collarbone, so they can
fit through any opening
the size of their head.
Elephants have been
known to remain
standing after they die.
Dolphins can swim and
sleep at the same time.
Armadillos have four
babies at the same
time, and they are
always the same sex.
The bullfrog is the only
animal that never
Snakes can see
through their eyelids.
The Amazon 'Jesus
Christ lizard' can run
across water.
A hedgehog's heart
beats 300 times a
An adult blue whale's
heart beats around 6
times per minute.
The African Lungfish
can live out of water
for up to four years.
There are more cows
than people in the U.S.
The oldest known
goldfish lived to 41
years old.
Sharks are immune to
cancer because instead
of bone, they have
A rat can fall from a 5
story house without
The last animal in the
dictionary is the
Zyzzyva, a tropical
One in 5,000 North
Atlantic lobsters are
born bright blue.
The tallest dog on
record was named
Shamgret Danzas. He
was 42 inches tall (at
the shoulder!) and
weighed 238 lbs.
Greyhounds can jump a
distance of 27 feet.
The Galapagos Tortoise
has a potential life span
of 200 years.
White cats with blue
eyes are almost always
The very first bomb
dropped by the Allies on
Berlin during World War II
killed the only elephant
in the Berlin Zoo.
During World War II,
Americans tried to
train bats to drop
A donkey will sink in
quicksand but a mule
The longest recorded
flight of a chicken is 13
All oysters are born
males but may change
from gender to gender.
Bats always turn left
when exiting a cave.
A newborn giant
panda is only the
size of a stick of
Giraffes clean there
ears with there 21-inch
long tongues.
Over 10,000 birds die
every year from
smashing into windows.
An adult lion's roar can
be heard from up to 5
miles away.
America owns 55 million
dogs, and 60 million
Dolphins are the only
other animals besides
humans that get
pleasure out of sex.
They are also the only
other animals that
have sex for reasons
other than
Snake venom is 90
percent protein.
The octopus's testicles
are located in its head.
Hamsters love to eat
A platypus remains
blind for 11 weeks
after birth.
A full grown giraffe's
neck can weigh up to
500 pounds.
The flounder swims
Tunas will suffocate if
they stop swimming.
They need a continual
flow of water across
their gills to breathe,
even while they rest.
A baby octopus is about
the size of a flea when
it is born.
A mole can dig a tunnel
three hundred feet long
in a single night.
Squirrels can climb
trees faster than they
can run on the ground.
Dairy cows can produce
25-30 gallons of saliva
every day.
A Candlefish is so oily
that it was once burned
for fuel.
There are more plastic
flamingos in the U.S.
than there are real
Despite man's fear and
hatred of the wolf, it
has not ever been
proved that a non-rabid
wolf ever attacked a
Swans are the only
birds with penises.
The Poison Arrow frog
has enough poison to
kill 2,200 people.
By some unknown
means, an iguana can
end its own life.
A snail's reproductive
organs are in its head.
Mosquitoes have 47
Beavers can hold there
breath underwater for
45 minutes.
A bear can run up to 30
Flamingos are pink
because there diet
consists mainly of
A chameleon's tongue is
as long than its body.
The Basenji is the
only dog that does
not bark.
Detectives have used
snapping turtles to help
them locate dead
The largest pig on
record was a Poland-
China hog named Big Bill,
who weighed 2,552 lbs
The giant cricket of
Africa enjoys eating
human hair.
Nearly three percent of
the ice in Antarctic
glaciers is penguin
In 1740 a cow was
found guilty of sorcery
and was publicly
A newborn Chinese
water deer is so small
that it can almost be
held in the palm of the
It's possible to lead a
cow upstairs....but not
A hippo can open its
mouth mouth wide
enough to fit a 4 foot
child inside.
A rhinoceros horn is
made of compacted
Cats have over one
hundred vocal sounds,
dogs only have about
The catfish has over
27,000 taste buds, that
makes the catfish rank
#1 for animal having
the most taste buds.
The oldest breed of
dog is the saluki.
Cats have 32 muscles
in each ear.
The Chameleon can
focus its eyes
seperately to watch
two objects at once.
A hippopotamus can
stay under water for
up to 30 minutes.
There are about one
billion cattle in the world
of which 200 million are
in India
A dog was the first in
space and a sheep, a
duck and a rooster the
first to fly in a hot air
An annoyed camel will
spit at a person.
The world's smallest
dog is the Chihuahua,
which means "tiny dog
in the sky."
Pea crabs (the size of a
pea) are the smallest
crabs in the world.
The pig is rated the
fourth most intelligent
animal but are
mentioned only twice in
the Bible
In Denmark there are
twice as many pigs as
The South American
giant anteater eats
more than 30,000 ants
a day.
The sailfish is the
fastest swimmer,
reaching 109 km/h
(68 mph).
The slowest fish is the
Sea Horse, which
moves along at about
0.016 km/h (0.01 mph).
The largest jellyfish
ever caught measured
2.3 m (7'6") across the
bell with a tentacle of
36 m (120 ft) long.
Sharks are immune to
all known diseases.
New Zealand is home to
4 million people and 70
million sheep.