Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Swami Vivekananda is
one of the most
eminent personalities
of our country. He was
born in Kolkata on 12th
of January 1863. His
father was Visvanatha
Datta and his mother
was Bhubaneshwari. His
original name was
He studied Sanskrit, the
Ramayana, the
Mahabharata, the
Puranas etc. he learnt
things very quickly. He
had an aptitude for
music. He had a good
voice. He joined the
school of Sri Eswar
Chandra Vidya Sagar
and completed primary
education. He
completed his
secondary education, a
course of three years,
in one year, and passed
with distinction. He
joined the college in his
16th year and studied
logic and philosophy. He
was handsome and
bold. He gained mastery
over English language
and proved to be an
eloquent orator.
He was however not
interested in worldly
affairs. He was drawn
towards spiritualism. He
made his mind known
to his parents and went
to see Swami
Paramahamsa at
Dakshineswar. On the
request of Swami
Narendranath sang
some devotional songs.
Swami Paramahansa
went into trance
listening to his songs.
Later he informed
Narendranath that he
wad able to see god in
his trance. He added
that if one prayed to
God in all perfection,
one could see god,
Narendranath became
a disciple of Swami
Parmahamsa. Later
Narendranth's father
died and Narendranath
was forced to take up
a teacher's job for
some time to meet his
family's needs.
Swami Ramakrishbna
endowed Narendranath
with all his spiritual
powers and made him
his heir. With this
Narendranath assumed
the name of Swami
Bibekananda and a
Sanyasi in true sense.
After the demise of
Swami Ramakrishna
Paramahamsa, Swami
Vivekananda started a
mutt named after his
Guru, at Belur. Swami
Vivekananda implored
the youth to develop
the spirit of adventure.
He travelled all over
India and reached Kanya
Kumari. There he swam
the ocean, reached to
rock nearby and
meditated there. During
his travel he found
poverty all over India
and was moved by the
sufferings of the poor.
He felt that serving
mankind is serving God.
He felt there was need
for a tremendous
effort in this direction.
He loved the
motherland and was a
great patriot.
In 1893, Parliament of
the world was
convened at Chicago.
With the financial
assistance from
Maharaja of Khetri,
Vivekananda went to
Chicago and addressed
the audience on the
greatness of Hindu
religion. His address
began with the words
"My dear Sisters and
Brothers of America".
This thrilled the
audience, as this
greeting contained the
spirit of universal
brotherhood. On return,
he addressed meetings
at London. One young
lady by name Margaret
became his disciple and
later became Sister
Nivedita to carry on his
Swami Vivekananda said
that the youth of the
day were moving
without any aim. There
was no correct spiritual
guidance. He felt that
religion can lead a man
on the moral and
righteous path. He
believed and
propagated that all
men of the world are
one. Color, caste and
creed had no meaning.
He felt that there is a
lot to be achieved. He
advised the youth to
move forward. His
words were: "arise,
Awake and stop not till
the goal is reached".
Swami Vivekananda
started many
institutions under the
Ramakrishna Mission to
carry on his message
of service. He passed
away that at an early
age on 4th of July,