Saturday, April 13, 2013

Postal Asst Exam solved paper-

1. Which state Police in
India utilised the 'Pigeon
Post Service'?
Ans. Orissa State Police
2. When was the first
commemorative stamp
issued in India ?
Ans. In 1931 (to mark
the inauguration of New
3. The Cricketer from
Australian Test Cricket
team belongs to
Australian Postal
Service ?
Ans. Brad Hogg
4. The first Non Royal to
appear on U.K. postage
Ans. William
Shakespeare (1964)
5. In which language the
first Megdoot Post card
Ans. Tamil
6. First Postal stamp in
the World?
Ans. Penny Black
7. When, the Indian
Postal Stamp was
cancelled at Mount
Ans. 1996 May 10 (by
ITBP. Indo-Tibet Border
8. Which is India's first
General Post Office?
Ans. Calcutta GPO (in
9. Which country issued
the first self adhesive
Postage stamp?
Ans. Sierra Leone (1964)
10. The first country
issued new year
greeting cards through
Postal service?
Ans. China
11. When was the first
Postal Stamp issued ?
Ans. 1840 May 6th
12. The first Indian
Personality who was
depicted in foreign
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi
13. Which picture was
depicted in First world
Ans. Queen Victoria's
14. The busiest Post
office in India?
Ans. Mumbai GPO
15. First Indian Postage
Ans. Scinde Dawk
16. No. of post offices
having 'Pictorial
Cancellation facility' in
Ans. 23
17. India's third scented
postal stamp?
Ans. Jasmine (Rs. 15)
18. What is water
mark ?
Ans. A design / mark on
paper given at the time
of production.
19. The first post card
issued in Cochin state?
Ans. 1898 at the time of
Raja Rama Varma I
20. Which country
issued the first
commemorative stamp
in the world?
Ans. Romania
21. Date of formation
of Kerala Postal Circle?
Ans. 1961 July 1
22. Highest
Denomination of Indian
Commemorative stamp
ever since issued?
1) Mother Theresa , Rs.
2) Acropora Formosa ,
Rs. 45/-
23. First burnt-wood
smelt postage stamp
issued by:
Ans. Brazil (1999) in
connection with
hazardous effect of
forest fire.
24. Where was the first
Gandhi stamp printed ?
Ans. Switzerland
25. No. of world
countries now in UPU
(Universal Postal Union)?
Ans. 192
26. First coffee
scented stamp issued
Ans. Brazil
27. First personality in
whose name the first
Commemorative stamp
was issued while he was
alive ?
Ans. Dr. Rajendra
28. The only country in
the world where home
delivery and redirection
of postal articles
Ans. India
29. When India Post
celebrated its 150th
year of existence?
Ans. 2004-2005
30. When was the first
Children's day stamp
Ans. 1957 Nov. 14 (Three
31. Who cancelled the
Indian Postal Stamp in
space suite?
Ans. Rakesh Sharma
32. Name of the Indian
Post Office at Dakshin
Gangotri (Antartica)
Ans. Maitri BO
33. Which stamp is
called 'Mourning stamp
of India'?
Ans. Stamp of Mahatma
Gandhi issued on