Wednesday, October 23, 2013

List of Nobel Prize Winners 2013.

1. Physiology or Medicine
-- (Groundbreaking work
on how the cell
organises its transport
James Rothman(USA)
Randy Schekman(USA)(d
ata by facebook/
Thomas Suedhof (USA)
2. Physics ---
(Theoretical discovery
of a mechanism that
contributes to our
understanding of the
origin of mass of
subatomic particles.)
Peter Higgs (UK)
Francois Englert
3. Chemistry--(Dev
elopment of multi scale
models for complex
chemical systems)
Michael Levitt (USA)
Martin Karplus (USA)
Arieh Warshel (USA)

4. Peace --(Extensive
efforts to eliminate
chemical weapons)
The Organisation for the
Prohibition of Chemical
Weapons (OPCW,
headquartered at The
Hague, Netherlands)
5. Literature -- (Master
of the contemporary
short story)
Alice Munro(Canada)
6. Economics --(Work on
creating a deeper
knowledge of how
market prices move)
Eugene Fama(USA)
Lars Peter Hansen (USA)
Robert Shiller(USA)