Tuesday, December 10, 2013


1)I live in the woods. I'm
very big and furry. I
have a big nose, a little
tail and four legs. I like
to eat fish and berries. I
am a...
2)My skin is green and
slippery. I have four
legs and webbed feet. I
eat bugs and little fish. I
can swim under water
and hop on land. I am a...
3)I'm a soft and furry
pet. I have four legs and
a long tail. I have sharp
teeth and claws. I like to
chase mice. I am a...
4)I have a little tail. My
nose is called a snout. I
live on a farm. I can
say, "Oink-oink" I am a...
5)I have four legs. I'm
very smart and I like to
play. I like to smell
things. I can wag my
tail. I am a...
6)I live in the ocean. I
have eight legs, two big
claws and a tail. My
body has a hard shell. I
eat anything I can find. I
am a...
7)I have a tail. I can fly.
I'm covered in colorful
feathers. I can whistle
and I can talk. I am a...
8)I live in the ocean. I like
to eat crabs. I can
change colors. My eight
legs are called
tentacles. I am an...
9)I am small and shy. I
have eight legs. I eat
bugs. I catch them in
my web. I am a...
10)I live in lakes and
rivers. I eat fish and
birds. I have four legs
and a long tail. I have
lots of pretty teeth. I
am a...
11)I have wings but I'm
not a bird I am small
and colorful. I live in
gardens and fields and
forests. I used to be a
caterpillar. I am a...
12)I have four legs and
a tail. I have no teeth. I
can swim and dive
underwater. I carry my
house around with me. I
am a...
13)I have four legs and
a long tail. I eat oats
and hay. I love to run
fast. I let people ride on
my back. I am a...
14)I live in the ocean. I
swim on my side. I love
to hide in the sand. My
eyes are both on the
same side of my head. I
am a...
15)I have four legs and
a flat tail. My face looks
like a duck's face. I live
in the water. I am
brown and furry. I am
16)I live in a house called
a coop. I have two legs,
two wings and a tail. I
eat worms and bugs
and grain. I lay eggs. I
am a...
17)I live in a bowl. I can
swim. I have a tail. I also
have fins and big eyes. I
am a.... .

Best Answers
1) bear
2) frog
3) cat
4) piggy!
5) dog
6) lobster
7) parrot
8) octopus
9) spider
10) crocodile
11) butterfly
12) turtle
13) horse
14) flownder (fish)
15) platypus
16) chicken
17) goldfish