Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tiwan-1st country to provide Free Wi-Fi:

Taiwan has become the first country in
the world to offer free WiFi
connectivity to its citizens and all its
foreign tourists. Wi-Fi (also spelled Wifi
or WiFi) is a popular technology that
allows an electronic device to
exchange data or connect to the
internet wirelessly using radio waves.
The name (Wi-Fi) is a trademark name,
and was stated to be a play on the
audiophile term Hi-Fi. The Wi-Fi
Alliance defines Wi-Fi as any "wireless
local area network (WLAN) products
that are based on the Institute of
Electrical and Electronics
Engineers' (IEEE) 802.11 standards".
The Wi-Fi Alliance initially used the
advertising slogan "The Standard for
Wireless Fidelity", for Wi-Fi but later
removed the phrase from their