Sunday, March 23, 2014


What treat was
invented by 11-
year-old Frank
Epperson in 1905?
Popsicle. It was
originally called the
'Epsicle' in his honor. (I
can see why that
name didn't catch on).
What item of
apparel was
invented by Ellery
Chun, a Hawaiian
clothing merchant,
in 1931?
Aloha shirt. An Aloha
shirt is a brightly
colored tropical print
shirt that is a popular
souvenir of Hawaii.
What now-
ubiquitous device
was invented by
Zenith engineer
Eugene Polley in
Remote control. The
first wireless remote
control for television
was called
(Remember when you
had to get up to
change the channel?)
What 'game' was
first produced by
the Southern
Novelty Company
in Baltimore,
Maryland in 1892?
Ouija board. The
board was invented
by Isaac and William
Fuld. The word 'Ouija'
comes from the
French and German
words for 'yes', 'oui'
and 'ja'.
What item,
originally called
the 'Whirlwind',
was invented by
Ives McGaffey in
Vacuum cleaner.
What device for
new parents did
Ann Moore invent
in 1969?
Infant carrier. Ann
got the idea for the
Snugli infant carrier
from the traditional
African baby carriers
she observed while a
volunteer for the
Peace Corps in Africa.
What office item
was invented by
Bette Nesmith
Graham in 1951?
Liquid Paper. Bette's
other claim to fame
was being the mother
of Michael Nesmith of
the Monkees.
What drink was
invented by
Charles Leiper
Grigg in 1929?
7-Up. Grigg, who was
from Missouri,
originally named his
creation 'Bib-Label
Lithiated Lemon-Lime
What charge card,
developed in
1950, was the
first to be
nationally in the
Diner's Club. The card
was invented by
Frank McNamara and
Ralph Schneider.
What toy did
George Lerner
create for Hasbro
company in 1952?
Mr. Potato Head. The
first Mr. Potato Head
contain plastic and
felt pieces for the
eyes, ears, mouth,
nose and facial hair
as well as glasses,
hats, hands and feet
that you could stick
into a real potato. The
potato did not come
as part of the
package. A plastic
potato-shaped body
was added to the
product in 1964.