Tuesday, October 21, 2014


1. Basic Saving bank deposit account (BSBDA) maximum credit amount upto? Ans) Rs. 1 lakh
2. Director of Singham Returns? Ans) Rohit Shetty
3. Sati Pratha abolished by whom? Ans) Raja Ram Mohan Rai
4. Who is Railway Minister? Ans) Sadanand Gowda
5. Who is the President of Iran? Ans) Hassan Rouhani
6. Tashkant is the capital of? Ans) Uzebekistan
7. What 'E denotes in EBW? Ans) Exports (Exports Bills Written off)
8. Full Form of HDFC? Ans) Housing Development Finance Corporation
9. According to WHO, Highest rate of Child marriages is in which country? Ans) Bangladesh (India ranked 2nd)
10. Which bank has tag line 'We understand your world'? Ans) HDFC
11. Full form of PKI? Ans) Public Key Infrastructure
12. Author of the book 'Revolution 2020″? Ans) Chetan Bhagat
13. How many digits in IFSC code? Ans) 11
14. What 'S' denotes in CDSL? Ans) Securities (CDSL- Central depository securities limited)
15. Which of the following regulated by SEBI? Ans) Merchant Banks
16. Home Rule movement leader? Ans)
17. Committee on Banking Ombudsman scheme, 2006? Ans) Suma Verma committee
18. Currency of Denmark? Ans) Krone
19. Full form of CBS? Ans) Core Banking Solutions
20. Smart stars account started by which bank?
L Ans) ICICI (a/c for minors above 10 years)
21. Minimum paid capital for a private bank? Ans) 200 crore
22. Full Form of PMJDY? Ans) Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
23. TATA Chairman/head? Ans) Cyrus Mistry
24. Kakarpara is in which state? Ans) Gujarat
25. Capital of Tanzania? Ans) Dodoma
26. Agaria Tribe can be found in which state? Ans) Madhya Pradesh (MP)
27. What 'E' denotes in ECB? Ans) External (External Commercial Borrowings)
28. RBI recently given in-banking licenses to IDFC and ? Ans) Bandhan (CEO of Bandhan- Chandra Shekhar Ghosh
29. Silver medal in 25 m pistol team shooting to India in 2014 Asian games? Ans) Pemba Tamang, Vijay Kumar, Gurpreet
30. Full form of DNA? Ans) Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
31. Varistha pension Bima scheme will be administrated by? Ans) LIC
32. DIGCC insurance cover is beared by? Central Government
33. Cyrus Mistry is the Chairman of? Ans) TATA Sons
34. Which country is in union nation but not has euro as currency?
35. ATM transaction limit is start in which type of city opt r metro city like?
36. Which one does not affect the validity of cheque?
37. In Eurozone but doesn't use Euro as currency? Ans) Denmark
38. Other than IDFC which bank got license? Ans) Bandhan
39. ICICI bank head quarter at? Ans) k n Bandra, Mumbai
40. HDFC Tagline? Ans) We understand your world
41. Kakrapar atomic power plant? Ans) Gujarat
42. Home rule league moment leader? Ans) Annie Besant/ Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak
43. BSE is given trade facility? Ans) Online
44. Mouse, track ball are? Ans) Pointing devices
45. Short cut to make a word/sentence bold? Ans) Ctrl + B
46. Data transmission b/w mother board and component is done through? Ans) BUS
47. Full form of WAN? Ans) Wide Area Network
48. Which of the following belongs local network? Ans) LAN
49. Which of the following is not a programming language? Ans) Ms Excel
50. To move to the end of word document press? Ans) Ctrl+Page Down
51. Which of the following is a DOS operation done - command Instruction
52. Linux is a? Ans) Operating System
53. Full form of URL? Ans) Uniform Resource Locator
54. Full form of EPROM? Ans) Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
55. According to ASCII how many letters are there? Ans) 256
56. Chip is also called? Ans) integrated circuits