Monday, October 20, 2014

B.Ed Entrance Exam (19-10-14) Key Ans :


*if x,y,2x+y/2
=x-1 y-1(option.d)

*The HCF of

*the probability

*if Tn=n2-1

*if root6+root3/root6-root3
=3 & -2

*if 2cos@=1

*which one of the
=nPr=nCr x |_r

*in a triangle ABC

*the co-ordinates
=(32/7, -19/7)

*The angular bi sectors
=Acute angle

*the 5th Triangular no

*The number of Possible
=infinitely many

*In a survey

*The sides of a rectangle

*The hypotenuse

*The conjugate

*The value of

*In triangle ABC  value of x

*A rectangle & a Parallelogram

*which one of the

*The roots of the quadratic

*The lateral Surface area

*if x=1 is a common root

These are not final answrs
It's only best of my knowledge)