Tuesday, October 21, 2014

B.Ed Entrance Exam (19-10-14) Key Ans Subject: Social Science (Series.A)

*The policy of
=Non Alignment

*Line used in a map



*The Apostles are
=Disciples of Jesus

*The Bank
=Reserve bank of India

*One of the wonders
=Air pollution

*Tandova National park

*The Person
=Nelson Mandela

*Return to the Vedas
=Dayanand Saraswati

*The Steel Plants

*Economics is a
=Adam Smith

*The soil
=Red Soil

*One of the following

*The Panchasheela
=Nehru & Chou-en-lai

*The Establishment of
=the Regulating Act 1773

*The zone
=torrid zone

*The India's Magna Carta

*The Primary rocks
=igneous rocks

*Sri Krishnadevaray

*The Halagali Bedas
=The Arms Act

*The founder of

*The age of

These are not final answrs
It's only best of my knowledge)