Monday, October 20, 2014

B.ED keys 19/10/2014

Physical Science

=James Chadwick

*The mass of electron

=17Cl37   17Cl37


*The Substance

*the Principle
=Total internal reflection

*which of the

*The solution
=Benedict Solution

*which of the
=600g water 60°c

*The coefficient of
=temperature of the wire

*The chemical name
=Calcium Sulphate

=Radio waves:Henrich Hertz

*The pair of elements
=K, Br

*The time period
=length of the pendulum

*the Alloy

*The type of glass
=lead glass

*The animal

*The first nuclear

*The optical
=Concave mirror

*The saturated

=Low pressure

=Baush-Haber Process


These are not final answrs
It's only best of my knowledge)