Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Top 100 World Geography GK Questions and Answers:

1. The only zone in the country that
produces gold is also rich in iron is -
Southern zone
2. Why is well irrigation in alluvial areas
is adopted mainly? – Because water
level is high
3. Which is the leading wheat producer
state in India? – Uttar Pradesh
4. In rice production, What is the India's
position in the world? – Second
5. Which is a major staple food crop of a
majority of people in India ? – Rice
6. Which area of output is witnessing a
new revolution? – Oilseeds
7. Which pair of states is the leading
producer of tabacco in India? – Andhra
Pradesh and Gujarat
8. Which crops requires a cool growing
season and a bright sun shine at the
time of ripening? – Wheat
9. Which state in India are the largest
producers of sugarcane? – Bihar and
Uttar Pradesh
10. India is the world's largest producer
as well as the consumer of which crops?
– Pules
11. Slash and burn agriculture in North
Eastern State is Known by which name?
– Jhumming
12. Tehri dam is built on which of the
following rivers? – Bhagirathi
13. The Tehri Hydro Power Complex is
located in which state? – Uttrakhand
14. Kurnool-Cuddapah canal is taken
off from which river? – Tungabhadra
15. On which river are Tikarpara and
Jaraj dams constructed under a
multipurpose project? –Mahanadi
16. Upper Bari Doab canal was
constructed in which year? – 1859
17. Tube well irrigation is predominant
in Deccan India in which state? – Uttar
18. What is the most important means
of irrigation in Deccan India? – Tank
19. Which State has the largest net
irrigated area? – Andhra Pradesh
20. Which is the world's largest
multipurpose Dam project in India? –
Hirakund Dam
21. Which project in Tamil Nadu supply
the errigation and hydroelectricity? –
Kundah project
22. What is the total target of irrigated
land in the country? – 118 million
23. In which type of temperature the
evergreen Oaks & Chestnut grow? –
Wet temperature
24. Which of the Natural vegetation of
the western ghats belong? – Evergreen
25. Which tropical vegetation have less
than 10cm of rainfall? – Throny
26. Telangana region represents type of
vegetation? – Thorn
27. Evergreen oak forests are found at
the height between how many meters?
– 2700 and 4000 metres
28. Mangrane vegetation in India is
most extensive in which forest? –
Sunder bans
29. Recently reserves of diamond have
been reported in Madhya Pradesh from
which place? –Devbhog
30. Which metal is used for generation
of Nuclear Power? – Uranium
31. Rock phosphate deposits are found
in which states? – Rajasthan and
32. At which place was the First hydro-
electric power station constructed in
1902? – Sivasamudram
33. What is the major source of iron ore
for Visakhapatnam? – Bailadila
34. Kudremukh hills known for iron ore
deposits is situated in which place? –
35. Which rock system has the
maximum concentration of minerals? –
Dharwar system
36. Which state is the larger producer of
lignitle coal? – Tamil Nadu
37. When was petroleum discovered
first in commercial quantitie in India? –
38. Which state is the largest producer
of Gypsum? – Rajasthan
39. What is the position of India in
terms of production of coal? – Fourth
40. In which state, Niyamgiri Bauxite
Mining project is proposed to be setup?
– Odisha
41. Which state in India has the world's
largest deposit of 'thorium'? – Kerala
42. Which system of rocks in India
produces manganese? – Dharwar
43. The resources which can be used
continously, what are these called year
after-year? – Renewable
44. What is Khetri in Rajasthan famous
for? – Copper mines
45. Among sources of power, India has
largest reserves of which thing? – Coal
46. Which is the most important coal
field of India? – Raniganj
47. Anantapur district in Andhra
Pradesh is famous for which metal? –
48. Silver is obtained from the lead &
Zinc ares of Zawar mines in which city?
– Udaipur
49. In which place are deposit wolfram
found? – Chendipather and Degana
50. The 3200 crore 480 mw Uri Hydel
project is situated which state? –
Jammu & Kashmir
51. What is the potential capacity of
power production in India at present? –
81,000 MW
52. India's first solar pond Bhuj Solar
Pond project is being constructed in
which state? – Andhra Pradesh
53. The first hydro-electric power
station was constructed 1902 at which
place? – Kundah
54. By which has first hydel project in
Andaman and Nicobar islands been
commissioned? – NHPC
55. Which state of India is the largest
producer of lignite coal? – Tamil Nadu
56. When was petroleum discovered
first in commercial quantities in India? –
57. Which state was in the development
of hydroelectricity the pioneering state?
– Karnataka
58. How many number of atomic power
plants existing in India today? – 9
59. Among source of power India has
largest reserves of which source of
power? – Coal
60. What is the Jharkhand's
contribution in the total coal production
in India? – 40%
61. In which year Atomic Energy
Commission (AEC) was setup in India?
– 1948
62. The Atomic power plant which
became active recently is located at
which place? – Kaiga
63. Why is Chota Nagpur Plateau the
centre of industries? – Because it
possesses coal
64. Which industry is regarded as the
most basic for our modern civilisation ?
– Petro chemicals
65. Which product is the export leading
from India in the terms of value? –
Gems and Jwellery
66. Which city is known as the
'Manchester of South India'? –
67. Where was the first state-owned
fertilizer plant set-up in 1951? – Sindri
68. The earth station for satellite
communication is located at which
place? – Arvi
69. Which oil field of India is the oldest
and still producing oil? – Digboi
70. What percentage of mill produced
cloths is to be exported from India? –
10 percent
71. Which city is known for silk wearing
industry? – Kanchepuram
72. Which industry does not earn
foreign exchange for India? – Fertilizers
73. The Hindustan steel Ltd. Durgapur
has been set up with the help of which
country? – United kingdom
74. Which is not a foot-loose industry?
– Suger Industry
75. Which Indian port leads in imports?
– Mumbai
76. In India the first unit of cement
industry was established in 1904 at
which place? – Chennai
77. The setalite tracking and ranging
station is located at which place? –
Kavalur (Tamil Nadu)
78. Tamil Nadu has the largest number
of small scale units of which industry?
– Cotton textile
79. Which is a newsprint producing
centre in India? – Nepanagar
80. Which Industry is known as 'Golden
fibre Industry'? – Jute Industry
81. India's first Jan Shatabdi Express
between Mumbai-Goa was commenced
on which date? – April 16, 2002
82. What is the main drawback of the
railway network in India? – The
presence of multiple gauges
83. Which numbered Rajdhani trains
covers the longest distance? – 12431
Trivandrum Central
84. Which National Highway routes is
the longest? – Kolkata-Hajira
85. Where is the East Central Railway
zone headquarter located? – Hajipur
86. Papaya Port is located in which
state? – Andhra Pradesh
87. In which state has India's largest
private sector sea port been
commissioned recently? – Andhra
88. Which is the longest national
Highway in India? – NH 7
89. The Varansi Kanyakumari National
Highway is called which national
highway? – NH 7
90. What is in terms of the railway
system India's position in the world? –
91. Which state has the maximum
length of surface roads? – Tamil Nadu
92. The National Highway-7 is longest
highway in India and if connects which
cities? – Varansi-Kanyakumari
93. The Inland waterways Authority of
India (IWAI) came into existence on
which date? – 27 October 1986
94. How much eargo is being moved
annually by Inland water transport (IWT)
approximately? – 44 million tonnes
95. Which state of India is surrounded
by Bangladesh on three sides? –
96. In the Government of India, under
which Ministry is the National River
Conservation Directiorate? – Ministry of
Environment and Forest
97. How many PIN CODE Zone divided
in the country? – 8
98. Automatic approval upto 51 % in the
enfrastructure seety was given in which
year? – 1991
99. At present what are the number of
Kisaan Call centres (KCCS)? – 25
100. Among the BIMARU states of India,
which is the most densely populated
state? – Bihar