Saturday, September 19, 2015

Delhi will record world’s largest number of premature deaths due to air pollution:

According to a report, After 10 years,
Delhi will record the world's largest
number of premature deaths due to air
pollution in the world. Kolkata will be the
second such city. Third one will be
Mumbai. Nearly 32,000 people in Delhi
will die solely due to inhaling polluted
air. Together, these three Indian cities
topped the list of premature deaths due
to harmful particles like PM2.5 and O3
in the air. Pakistan recorded the third
highest number followed by Bangladesh,
Nigeria, and Russia.
In 2010, 75% of the premature mortality
by air pollution occurred in Asia – with
1.4 million people/year in China and
650,000 people dying every year in
Air Pollution - Facts
Almost a third of San Francisco'sair
pollution comes from China.
In 2013, a report by Global Burden of
Disease (GBD) said that outdoor air
pollution was the 5th largest killer in
Air pollution causes lung cancerand
is also linked to an increased risk for
bladder cancer.
Nearly one lakh premature deaths
happen annually due to air pollution
in India.
the world's most polluted city is
New Delhi, India.
The air that school children in Delhi
breathe is four times more toxic than
the required safety limit.
Breathing the air inMumbai, India,
for just one day is equivalent to
smoking 100 cigarettes
Breathing the air of Beijinghas the
same health risks as smoking 21
cigarettes a day.
1 in every 8 deaths on earth are
linked to air pollution
The Great Wall of China is not visible
from space, but China's air pollution
During London's "Great Smog" of
1952, between 4,000 and 12,000
people died in a few days due to air
Air pollution in China
increasessnowfall in California.
The five worst cities in the U.S. for
air pollutionare all in California.
40% of Americans are
breathingunhealthy air.