Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dr Uma Rajan honoured for her community services in Singapore:-

Uma Rajan, a 75-year-old Indian-
Singaporean doctor has been honoured
by the Indian community in Singapore,
for contributing her 38 years in the
healthcare and community services by
building nursing homes and child health
care. Dr. Uma Rajan became the first
woman to receive the Community
Champion Award. She won $10,000
which she donated to voluntary welfare
organisations, Singapore Children's
Society and Asian Women's Welfare
Association in Singapore.
Dr. Rajan was also one of the founding
members of the Singapore Indian Fine
Arts Society and received the title of
Natyakala Bushanam (ornament of
dance) from the Indian Institute of Fine
Arts in Chennai in 1954.
Facts about Singapore
Singapore is also referred as the
Lion City, the Garden City, and the
Red Dot.
Singapore is a rapidly growing city-
state of nearly 6 million people. It is
one of the smallest countries in the
Singapore has transformed itself
from a third-world, swampy island
to a first-class, modern city in just
fifty years.
Singapore is a global commerce,
transportation and financial hub,
ranked as the "Easiest place to do
business" for nine consecutive years
by the World Bank.
The national flower of Singapore is
the hybrid orchid.
Singapore began hosting a round of
the Formula One World
Championship, the Singapore Grand
Prix, in 2008.