Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shauryanjali: Remembering Indo- Pak war of 1965 - begins (17/9/15)

"Shauryanjali", an exhibitions has been
launched showcasing the major battle
scenes and captured tanks of the
Pakistani Army during the 1965 war,
started at central Delhi's Rajpath on
15th September 2015 in order to
celebrate the golden jubilee celebrations
of the 1965 war. The six-day exhibition
showcases the role played by CRPF,
International Red Cross, media, Prasar
Bharati along with the armed forces,
manoeuvre by fighter jets and stunts by
para troopers. 2,862 soldiers gave up
their life protecting the motherland. 211
of them were given gallantry awards.
The exhibition will give the public a
chance to view captured Pakistani
Patton and Sherman tanks as well as
the milestone reading "Lahore 13 km"
that was brought back by the Indian
Army, showcasing how deep the troops
had entered into Pakistan. India had
captured 1,920 kilometres of Pakistani
land and Pakistan took control over 540
kilometres of Indian territory.
India- Pakistan 1965 war:
It took place between April 1965 and
September 1965 between Pakistan and
India. Since Partition of British India in
1947, Pakistan and India remained in
contention over several issues,
predominant issue was Kashmir. Under
the leadership of General Ayub Khan,
Pakistan believed the Indian Army would
be unable to defend itself against a
quick military campaign in the disputed
territory of Kashmir as the Indian
military had lost to China in 1962. The,
Pakistan started Operation Gibraltar.
On 5 August 1965 between 26,000 and
33,000 Pakistani soldiers crossed the
Line of Control dressed as Kashmiri
locals headed for various areas within
Kashmir.On 1 September 1965,
Pakistan launched a counterattack,
called Operation Grand Slam, with the
objective to capture the vital town of
Akhnoor in Jammu. The 1965 war
witnessed some of the largest tank
battles since World War II. As a result.
India survived and achieved victory
despite of the Ceasefire.
Key Points:
the highest gallantry award of the
two Countries are:
Indian award -Param Vir Chakra
which was awarded to
Company Quarter Master
Havildar Abdul Hamid
Lieutenant-Colonel Ardeshir
Burzorji Tarapore
and the Pakistani award
Nishan-e-Haider which was
awarded to:
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti
Shaheed (Posthumous)
6 September is celebrated as
Defence Day in Pakistan, in
commemoration of the successful
defence of Lahore against the Indian
Defence Day in Pakistan is also
Known as Youm-e-Difa.
This conflict is also known as the
Second Kashmir War.