Thursday, October 8, 2015

Computer MCQ [IBPS]

Q1. where are programs and data to be
used by the computer available?
1 Output
2 Processing unit
3 Input
4 Storage

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Ans: 4
Q2. A parallel port is most often used
by a –
1 Mouse
2 Monitor
3 Printer
4 External storage device

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Ans: 3
Q3. Computer follows a simple
principle called GIGO which means:
1 Garbage in garbage out
2 Garbage input good output
3 Good input good output
4 Greater instructions greater output

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Ans: 1
Q4. Arrange the following devices in
ascending order of the speed:
B. Hard disk
C. Cache
D. Floppy

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Ans: 3
Q5. What is the commonly used unit for
measuring the sped of data
1 Bits per second
2 Nano seconds
3 Characters per second
4 Mega Hertz

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Ans: 1
Q6. Which one among the following is
not included in the basic functions of
operating system?
1 Job Control
2 Job Scheduling
3 Memory Management
4 Data Management

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Ans: 1
Q7. 'Blue tooth' technology allows –
1 Landline phone to mobile phone
2 Signal transmission on mobile phones
3 Wireless communication between
4 Satellite television communication

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Ans: 3
Q8. Which of the following statements
about the Crime and Criminal Tracking
Network System (CCTNS) is/are
1. It will facilitate real time access of
classified criminal data to the law
enforcement authorities.
2. National Crime Record Bureau is the
nodal agency mandated to implement
the network in all the states.
Select the correct answer using the
code given below-
1 1 only
2 2 only
3 Both 1 and 2
4 Neither 1 nor 2

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Ans: 1
Q9. One byte consists of
1 four bits
2 one bit
3 ten bit
4 eight bits

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Ans: 4
Q10. ENIAC was
1 an electronic computer
2 an engine
3 a memory device
4 an electronic calculator

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Ans: 1
Q11. The operating system called UNIX
is typically used for –
1 Desktop computers
2 Laptop computers
3 Supercomputers
4 All of these

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Ans: 4
Q12. There are several primary
categories of procedures. Which of the
following is not a primary category of
1 Testing
2 Backup and recovery
3 Firewall development
4 Design

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Ans: 3
Q13. All of the logic and mathematical
calculations done by the computer
happen in/on the –
1 Central processing unit
2 Mother board
3 Memory
4 Central control unit

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Ans: 1
Q14. The connection between your
computer at home and your local ISP is
called –
1 The last mile
2 The home Stretch
3 The home page
4 The backbone

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Ans: 3
Q15. When speaking of computer input
and output, input refers to –
1 any data processing that occurs from
new data input into the computer
2 data or information that has been
entered into the computer
3 the transmission of data that has been
input into the computer
4 Both (C) and (D) above.

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Ans: 4