Monday, October 12, 2015

Infosys CFO Rajiv Bansal resigns, Ranganath Mavinakere new CFO:

Rajiv Bansal, EVP and the CFO of
Infosys, has resigned from the
company. Ranganath Mavinakere, EVP
and head of strategic operations and
CEO's office, has replaced him. Bansal
will continue as an advisor to the CEO
and the Board through December 31 to
provide a smooth transition. He was
responsible for corporate finance,
business finance, operations planning
and assurance, investor relations and
taxation for the whole group.
Infosys had appointed Rajiv Bansal as
the CFO from November 1, 2012
following the movement of the then CFO
V Balakrishnan, to Infosys BPO, Finacle
and India Business.
Mr Mavinakere, is presently the EVP
and head of strategic operations and
CEO's office. He is associated with the
company for over 15 years and is
responsible for strategic planning, risk
management, mergers & acquisitions
and corporate marketing. From January
2008 to July 2013, he was the Chief Risk
Officer (CRO). As the head of Finance,
his key priorities included supporting the
company's growth, managing critical
finance functions and adhering to
regulatory and compliance
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