Friday, November 13, 2015

“Healthy Living starts at Breakfast” theme for World Diabetes Day:2015::

World Diabetes Day is the primary
global awareness campaign of the
diabetes world and is held on Nov
14 each year. It was introduced in 1991
by the International Diabetes Federation
and the World Health Organization in
response to the alarming rise of
diabetes around the world. World
Diabetes Day is a campaign that
features a new theme chosen by the
International Diabetes Federation each
year to address issues facing the global
diabetes community. While the
campaigns last the whole year, the day
itself marks the birthday of Frederick
Banting who, along with Charles Best
and John James Rickard Macleod, first
conceived the idea which led to the
discovery of insulin in 1922.
Each year, World Diabetes Day is
centred on a theme related to diabetes.
Topics covered have included diabetes
and human rights, diabetes and lifestyle,
diabetes and obesity, diabetes in the
disadvantaged and the vulnerable,
diabetes in children and adolescents.
People with diabetes get to take a day
off work or school on this day [1] and
talking about Diabetes. [2]
World Diabetes Day is celebrated
worldwide by the over 230 member
associations of the International
Diabetes Federation in more than 160
countries and territories, all Member
States of the United Nations, as well as
by other associations and organizations,
companies, healthcare professionals
and people living with diabetes and their
The global diabetes community
including International Diabetes
Federation member associations,
diabetes organizations, NGOs, health
departments, civil society, individuals
and companies develop an extensive
range of activities, tailored to a variety
of groups. Activities organized each
year include:
Radio and television programmes
Sports events
Free screenings for diabetes and its
Public information meetings
Poster and leaflet campaigns
Diabetes workshops and exhibitions
Press conferences
Newspaper and magazine articles
Events for children and adolescents
Monument lightings
Human blue circles
Cycle Race
Political Events
The World Diabetes Day logo is a blue
circle - the global symbol for diabetes.
The logo was adopted in 2007 to mark
the passage of the United Nations World
Diabetes Day Resolution (61/225). The
significance of the blue circle symbol is
overwhelmingly positive. Across
cultures, the circle symbolizes life and
health. The colour blue reflects the sky
that unites all nations and is the colour
of the United Nations flag. The blue
circle signifies the unity of the global
diabetes community in response to the
diabetes pandemic.